Flashable File to Create Bootable SDCard for Nook Tablet


It’s a flashable file (a file that you can install from recovery) that will create a bootable SDCard for your Nook Tablet.
What it does is creates 4 partitions on your SDCard.
100MB for partition 1 (BOOT)
400MB for partition 2 (SYSTEM1)
Size for partition 3 (DATA1) and partition 4 (SDCARD) vary.
It’ll also copy over boot files to your SDCard, making the SDCard bootable on your Nook Tablet.

This will only work with the provided CWM because it contains fdisk with advanced options.
Format your SDCard with SDFormatter if you are on Windows and OSX. Linux? GParted.
Copy CWM recovery (renamed the internal recovery img to recovery.img) to your SDCard.
Copy flashable_create_bootable_sdcard.zip to your internal storage.

if [ Stock_Rom ]; then
  # If you are still on Stock Rom, you need to be rooted and have terminal installed.

  # Open up terminal.
  # Backup stock recovery
  dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=/sdcard/stock_recovery.img
  # Store the stock_recovery.img on your computer for future need.

  # Install CWM recovery
  dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3

  # Boot to recovery. Power up device by holding Power + Home keys.
  # If you already have previous CWM version of recovery installed, just flash the new one.
  reboot recovery

Insert formatted SDCard.
Make sure the USB cable is not plugged into your computer.

1) Install zip from sdcard
– choose zip from internal sdcard
– flashable_create_bootable_sdcard.zip

Ignored the “can’t unmount /dev/block/mmcblk1p1”.
Be patient with the loading bar. It’s not frozen, just wait.
The larger the DATA1 size, the longer the process take.

Power off device and turn it on again.
If successful, it will boot into Cyanoboot.
Then you can install *SDC Rom.

The default data1 (Partition 3) size is 600MB in flashable_create_bootable_sdcard.zip.
My recommendation.
600MB is for 2GB SDCard
1000MB is for 4GB SDCard
2000MB is for 8GB SDCard
3000MB is for 16GB-64GB SDCard
4000MB/5000MB is for 32GB /64GB SDCard

To make data1 size larger, just rename the file ‘createsd_*.sh’ to ‘createsd.sh’ inside flashable_create_bootable_sdcard.zip.
Complete scripts with 4000MB/5000MB DATA1 size.

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4 Responses to Flashable File to Create Bootable SDCard for Nook Tablet

  1. Craig Daters says:

    I was going to flash CM11 to my Nook Tablet using the info at XDA-Dev here:


    I came here to get instructions on creating the bootable uSD for the Tablet. I notice that in your details above you say that this only works with CWM I was wondering if it will work with the recovery.img that the CM11 thread I listed above directs users to?

    I don’t know how to tell what version of CWM they are using there?

  2. Ray Nelson says:

    I am clearly missing something. I seem to be fine up to the “Then you can install *SDC Rom” step. I can boot into Cyanoboot, select boot from SDC but nothing happens. I hate to be a pest but I cannot figure out the next step after using the zip file that creates the SD Card. The card seems to be partitioned correctly and the various files, boot.img, seem to all be there.

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