ART vs Dalvik on Nook HD+ Running CM11 Android KitKat 4.4.2

This is a demo of side-by-side video of ART vs Dalvik runtime.
Additional game play from Cut the Rope Free.

From my experience, installing apps, booting into Android, and optimizing apps using ART takes longer time than with Dalvik. Opening app is a little quicker in ART. Does ART make Android feel less laggy, not necessary.

You can Google/Bing for more info on the pros and cons of both runtimes.

CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Nook HD+ (SDC/IMG) (28APR2014)

KitKat have been out for a while on many devices. I have been busy working to get it running on Nook devices. What are the changes in KitKat?

Some of the things I have noticed that are different are the android browser sucks less. It is similar to Chrome now. There are new icons and transparent UI. Besides the missing SGT7 settings features, I have not notice any major improvement. The source codes however changed a lot. The compiling time also increased for me. CM-10.2 compiled under 50 minutes and CM-11.0 compiled in a little over 2 hours. I do not know if it is my setup. Source codes changes daily, so new features will be added down the line.

  • Changelogs and sources:
  • Credits: verygreen, fattire, hashcode, bokbokan, loosethiskin
  • Official CyanogenMod for ovation
  • CyanogenMod source
  • CyanogenMod on G+
  • 12/20 – Initial build, repo synced, kernel 3.0.101, CWM, don’t expect most of the settings from SGT7 cm-10.2, & expect bugs.
  • 12/21 – Repo synced, patched FSTRIM EMMC corruption bug, enable FSTRIM support (not tested), tweak touchscreen, & expect bugs.
  • 12/24 – Repo synced, fixed booting animation, device will boot into landscape mode, I recommend enabling Rotate lock screen, updated CWM  recovery to include install from “/storage/sdcard1” (external SDCard) & enabled Fdisk advanced features for expanding SDCard Data1 partition. This build might require a wipe data/factory reset.
  • 12/27 – Repo synced, fixed rotation lag, show “/external_sd” for internal CWM recovery.
  • 01/03 – Repo synced, switched to OMNI branch TWRP, interface option for double-tap status bar to sleep, removed SGT7 Trebuchet.
  • 01/11 – Repo synced, fixed TWRP battery stat reset bug, 0xD34D‘s screen recorder (Settings>Display>Screen Recorder, hold Power+Vol Up, can record mic), battery status text option for status bar.
  • 01/13 – Repo synced, update on battery status text option for status bar, screen recorder now save video as mp4 instead of m4v format.
  • 01/19 – Repo synced, switch to WPA_SUPPLICANT_TI to fix unknown mac address, increased zram from 64MB to 128MB, increased tiler1d from 27MB to 34MB to improve transition effects, reduce boot animation size, revert boot to landscape. For SDCARD ROM, new Cyanoboot and boot files will now be included.
  • 02/13 – Repo synced, revert back to AOSP WPA_SUPPLICANT, revert zram, updated TWRP so that Advanced Wipe/SDCard Data wipe SDCard data without wiping /data/media. Added “INT ALTBOOT” to Cyanoboot. You can enable “INT ALTBOOT” by putting kernel and ramdisk in the bootdata partition/folder. DO NOT ENABLE “Swap environment primary” in  Storage/Advanced storage settings. Currently swapping storages only work on non-emulated storages.
  • 04/28 – Repo synced, added flashable “Fuzz 8×8” kernel, changelogs

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CM10.2 Jellybean (Android 4.3.1) for Nook HD+ (IMG/SDC Boot) (26NOV2013)


I know I am late to the party. A few XDA developers (verygreen, bokbokan) have been compiling Cyanogenmod for Nook HD/HD+ for a while now. I just have my Nook HD+ for couple of weeks. I have only started working on compiling CM for my Nook HD+ for a couple days. I am still learning as I go. One of the main reason I am doing this is because for some reason my refurbished device gets hot in the left corner where the processor is located using Stock OS. With CM, the device does not heat up my palm. CM also allows more flexibility to the device and extends its life.

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Xylon XYAOSP 2.+ JB 4.2.2 for Nook Tablet (SDC BOOT) (27APR2013)

Do research and reading if you are uncertain about this rom.

xylon2WHAT IS IT?
Xylon is fully transformed distribution for Android Devices. It is designed to take full advantage of the device’s hardware and to provide the user pure Android experience.

 The team is constantly working on making things better for the users and is happy to do so. We, the team, believe that for one to experience the pure taste of Android, he/she should be provided with something which is fast, intuitive and fluid – That’s where we come in – To provide you that.

 Xylon started as a part of the Fruits & Veggies (FNV) project, a community ROM for the Galaxy Nexus and is now set up individually but its roots are based on FNV. Remicks, the founder of the FNV – inspired Daniel MM (Daxmax, founder of Xylon) to build something that would make users love what they use. In Daniel’s words – “This is an FNV based ROM, not FNV. But it has the winds of FNV, and it has more spacious features around the Android world.”

Phone, Phablet, and Tablet UI
Customized Trebuchet Launcher
A lot of customization
Compiled with Google’s GCC 4.7 toolchain.
Linaro’s compiler flags, O3 and Linaro string routine)
Kernel 3.0.66+
CWM 6.0.28


Look at XYAOSP source history for further changes, I will not post them.
02/27 – Repo synced, Initial build so there could be many bugs.
03/06 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.68 with new lowmemorykiller, font size increased a little in statusbar and Trebuchet, you can increase icon size to 120% in Trebuchet, gesture control in Trebuchet, new SuperUser (Koush’s).
IMPORTANT NOTES: If you noticed null icons (no action icons) on the NavBar then you need to go to Settings > XY Tools > Navigation Bar > Menu (The vertical three dots) and Reset navbar icons/targets. For Navigation Ring to work, you need to clear data/data1 if you are on previous build.
04/27 – Repo synced, kernel updated 3.0.75, a lot of changes I don’t remember, auto temp control, re-added 1200MHz (use 800MHz/Wheatley for better battery life), disabled deep sleep for better battery in sleep & device wake when plugged/unplugged, CWM IMPORTANT NOTES: BACK UP YOUR DATA. This build might require factory reset (INT boot)/data1 wipe (SDC boot). If your first boot resulted in black screen, press & hold power button for 20 seconds then re-press a couple seconds to turn device on and try booting again. Changing governor or having cable plugged in to PC can cause this.

Lots of things

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