How to Guide: Bootable (CM7/CM9/CM10) SDCard for Nook Tablet


  • You need to have a microSD card 2GB or bigger.
  • Don’t update your touch panel firmware if you want dual or triple-boot.
  • Read CM10.0 Jelly Bean for Nook Tablet if you want to downgrade the firmware.
  • Not all microSD card brands are made equal.
  • I always recommend SanDisk due to fast small block random write.
  • Only CM10 support 5-touchs/10-touchs driver currently.
  • CM10 currently have problem with SDCard dismount when device goes to deep sleep.
  • This causes the device to not awake when turning it back on.
  • You have to hold the power button for 20 seconds and then power it back on.
  • Added comments for Ubuntu

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Updated files for CM9/CM10 Bootable SDCard on Nook Tablet (10/27)

I have some suggestions to help you get this going. I have both the 8gb and 16gb NTs working just fine.

You say you are copying the “boot.img” to the CM9 rom zip. If you are talking about “cm9.img” that file goes into the sdcard partition.


First partition, make it 1001 mb. (Or 2001, 3001, etc.) I have expanded this to 16001 on a 32gb, and found by trial and error that this seems to be the largest that it will accept.

What I have found is that not all microSD cards are same. Some cards can be used to boot the Nook tablet and some cannot. I also have a Raspberry Pi, and the same is true there. (If it works in the Pi, it works in the Nook). So, if the card doesn’t work, try another. I don’t know what makes the difference, but I have a SanDisk 8 GB, and that doesn’t boot.

When redoing the card between tries, delete all partitions and create a Fat32 partition and then erase it before creating your partitions to use.

Instead of “system1” name the partition “system”. This helps with the Gapps file later on.

Hope this helps.

Randy Jakus

  • Copy boot.img/altboot.img, recovery.img, and flashing_boot.img along with u-boot.bin and MLO on to your sdcard.
  • Replace the updater-script inside the rom, *.zip, by drag and drop using winrar/winzip.
  • Flash the rom using recovery.
  • More details are in my other posts.
  • Do this at your own risk!
  • HD

How to Guide: Dual-boot (CM7/CM9) SDCard for Nook Tablet (5/28)



  • UPDATED GUIDES: How to Guide: Bootable (CM7/CM9/CM10) SDCard for Nook Tablet
  • You need to have a SDCard 4GB or bigger. The default steps are for 4GB sdcard.
  • For sdcard bigger than 4GB, you need to make adjustments.
  • Data partition stores your apps, so you want at least 1GB.
  • System partition stores your system files and apps, 350MB – 400MB is all you need.
  • SDCard partition stores your boot files and misc. files so the larger the better.
  • Need help?
  • If done correctly, your Nook Tablet should boot to fattire’s Cyanoboot, if not, nothing.
  • I’ve made changes so it’s easier to make just a cm9 bootable sdcard
  • If you are stuck at the two androids when booting CM7 for over a minute, boot into CWM Recovery and wipe cache partition.
  • Added file for CM9 Alpha 0.04
  • If you can’t get wifi working in CM7, it mean you used the wrong cm7.img.
  • New Boot Menu with altboot1 – 3. They are for partitions system3 – 5/data3 – 5 if you want quintuple boot.
  • Not all sdcard brands are made equal. I always recommend SanDisk due to fast small block random write.
  • Learn more about it here,
  • Added file for CM9 Alpha 0.05/0.05.1. You can mount both sdcard and emmc now.

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