CM10.0 Jellybean SDCard IMG for Nook Tablet (12/31) FINAL


  1. Background and Instructions
  2. Flashing Image
  3. Installing Update

What is this? It’s an image copy of a 2GB sdcard with bootable CM10 Jellybean. You simply burn the image to your 2GB sdcard or bigger and you have a bootable CM10 Jellybean running on your Nook Tablet. Nothing alter to your Nook Tablet internal system.

Does this work on Nook Color, Nook HD, or HD+? NO

Many people have asked for an image of bootable CM10 for SDCard. I was reluctant to do it because CM10 for Nook Tablet get updated a lot or aren’t as stable before. Making an image of the SDCard create a huge file and uploading it takes a long time for me. Now, CM10 for Nook Tablet have gotten to a stage where it’s good enough to run from internal every day. Still, some people like to maintain their stock OS and want to run CM10 from their SDCard. I’ve written many instructions on how to create a bootable SDCard for various CM rom. Some people are afraid they might screw up and some just don’t even bother to learn to create one from my guide. They opt for an image of CM10 instead. So, I’ve finally caved and made one.

  • Make sure you have more than 2GB of space available on your computer.
  • Install 7-zip if you can’t extract the file.
  • Extract cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.img from cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.7z/rar
  • This is a 2GB image that can be burn to a 2GB or bigger microSD card.
  • After installation, DATA1 partition 3 and SDCard only has xxx MB.
  • Many will want to expand their SDCard if it is bigger than 2GB.
  • You need to use a partition software on your computer to modify your SDCard partitions.
  • Delete (P4, FAT32 SDCARD) and re-size (P3, DATA1) then recreate (P4, FAT32 SDCARD).
  • (P3 DATA1) If the label don’t show, it’s OK.
  • Yes, you can delete P3 DATA1 and recreate it. P3 DATA1 has to be EXT4 PRIMARY.
  • P3 DATA1, store your installed apps and apps data.
  • P4 SDCard, store your data, apps downloaded data.
  • You want to expand the last 2 partitions (FAT32 SDCARD) for more storage.
  • TIPS: Creating softkeys
  • Settings>Hardware keys>Enable custom actions, Home key>Toggle status bar
  • Settings>System>Status bar>Tablet status bar and Fullscreen with auto hide mode


Make sure you choose the correct drive or else you could end up deleting your OS.


  • Open terminal, run as root with “su –“ or use sudo
  • Navigate to the directory of image, cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.img
  • ~$ sudo fdisk –l
  • Unmounts sdcard
  • ~$ sudo unmount /dev/
  • ~$ sudo dd if= cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.img of=/dev/



  • Open terminal, run as root with “su” or use sudo
  • Navigate to the directory of image, cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.img
  • ~$ diskutil list
  • ~$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/
  • ~$ dd if= cm10_xxxxxx_sd_hd.img of=/dev/<sdcard>


Installing Update: (If you are happy with the current build, don’t update)

  • Apparently TWRP doesn’t flash into mmcblk1p2 or mmcblk1p3
  • Open your microSD “BOOT” drive on your computer
  • Replace boot.img with one inside “cm-10-xxxxxxxx-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim_sd_hd/p2”
  • Copy “” into microSD “BOOT” drive
  • Plug microSD into device & boot into Cyanoboot’s Boot Menu
  • Select “4) SDC Recovery”
  • In CWM, select “install zip from sdcard”
  • Install “”
  • Power off device
  • Repeat & install “”
  • Done
  • Changelog

Download:  * contains boot image for partition 2/5/7 & essential files


  • Open your microSD “BOOT” drive on your computer
  • Replace boot.img with one inside “cm-10-xxxxxxxx-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim_sd_hd/p2”
  • You find “cm-10-xxxxxxxx-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim_sd_hd/p2” in the CM10 post.

It seem I’d made a mistake switching SYSTEM1 and DATA1 partition. This mean that SYSTEM1 partition get 1200MB instead of the intended 350MB, meaning you’ll have less DATA storage. Jellybean will still run, but with less space for apps. I will upload a new correct image later on. Sorry for my klutz moment.FIXED

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343 Responses to CM10.0 Jellybean SDCard IMG for Nook Tablet (12/31) FINAL

  1. Dave Osborne says:

    This image is solid runs well. I have a question can I take the sd card put it in different Nook Tablet and will it boot and run with my google populated apps or do I have to start over again?

  2. User says:

    First of all, big thanks to building the image. It’s a sure fool proof way to get the ROM on my Nook Tablet 8 GB. Now, I still have to leave the 2 GB SD Card in in order for it to boot to this. This ROM is stable enough for everyday use, I would like to put this on my Internal ROM. I have tried a few time with some of the instructions, but either failed to backup or other scenarios.

    Ref instructions:

    I got errors in step 4 (“unable to mount /system”)

    Please help me with simple instructions.


    • iamafanof says:

      Boot CM like normal from your SDCard. Connect your device to your computer and copy the latest internal rom (CM10.2 from latest post) to your internal storage. Boot into SDC Recovery and install the rom from internal storage.

  3. merikgvr4 says:

    Got this running well with an hp 16gb card yesterday. Today it is stuck at the circle cyanogen boot screen. Servers are down so I can’t try the 10.1 image. Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. Kim Grames says:

    Wish I knew what I was doing wrong, I done EVERYTHING above posted. I bought this card

    and I have reformatted and started over twice..all three times, when I go to power on the tablet- I get the normal home screen. Not jellybean.

    • digixmax says:

      Many NTs, such as mine, would boot off an SDcard only from power-off and upon insertion of a powered USB cable.

      • peter says:

        I tried both
        1. power-off NT, Inserted card then powered on NT, and
        2. Power-off NT, Inserted card then attached the powered USB Cable
        It still boots into stock Android.
        Any comment on this behaviour, or a link to deal with this.

  5. baseballguy7 says:

    How is the battery life with this build?

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