CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Bricked & No EMMC Nook HD+ (25APR2014)


These informations pertain to bricked Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ with no EMMC.

Credits: verygreen, fattire, hashcode, bokbokan, loosethiskin

  • DO NOT DELETE the “devconf” folder on your micro SD Card as it contains your faux “MACAddress” and “DeviceID”. Bricked Nook HD+ with no EMMC mean the partition with your device informations are gone. So fake mac address and serial number will suffice.
  • If you know your real device MAC Address, you can replace it with the fake one by editing the “MACAdress” file. Certain routers and modems have a log of devices connected with their mac address that you can use that to pinpoint your real mac address.
  •     Changing Mac Address:
  •     1. Modify the “MACAddress” file inside the “devconf” folder on your micro SD Card with any 12-digit hexadecimal numbers.
  •     2. Boot into CM 11.0 and turn off your Wi-Fi in the Settings.
  •     3. Open “File Manager”>Settings>Enable “Root Access mode”
  •     4. Browse to and delete /system/etc/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin file.
  •     5. Open up Terminal and type commands,
  •        $ su
  •        # sh /system/bin/
  •     6. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Your real Device ID or serial number is located under the micro SD Card cover. You can edit the “DeviceID” file with your real serial number.
  • To expand the DATA partition of your micro SD Card after burning the SDCARD IMAGE, you need to boot into “SDC Recovery” at the Cyanoboot menu. Wait for device to boot into TRWP and then mount “Boot” and un-mount “Data”. Browse to the “Boot” folder and install the “” file. Reboot into TWRP and follow the steps to install the “” file again to complete the process before rebooting into CM 11.0.
  • When booting into CM 11.0, it will take a couple minutes at the animation screen for the first time.
  • For further informations, please checkout previous post on CM11.0 for Nook HD+. If your device lag too much, change to a difference SDCard.
  • Fuzz 8×8 kernel for 25APR2014 ROM (default fuzz is 3×5, rename the old kernel and copy over the new one)

  • SDCARD ROM: This is for backup and is not needed when creating your bootable SDCard with the image.
  • Includes: latest TWRP, and bootable files.
  • Requires a folder “devconf” with files “MACAddress” and “DeviceID” (case sensitive) on your SDCard for Mac Address and Serial Number to show up in the status settings if you are manually creating a bootable SDCard.
  • CRC-32: dcefc144
  • MD4: ce3fe073e170bbfc8260861e37b8749f
  • MD5: 4f1aebc7f21bb3e1c655dbfba1c9b893
  • SHA-1: 3f692a343c817e8c756586f294de85124891740d
  • CRC-32: e02238c6
  • MD4: afeac3ce4347f0c8a02c5bd29a65beb8
  • MD5: 5541066e3f9021e5d37aecc34b71c7db
  • SHA-1: 5bc58d95abd1945234f5bb413b4ab5dd29d656a0
  • CRC-32: 8c0896df
  • MD4: c93715c4c7dd2b74f8edaefaa271990d
  • MD5: 281e630ae1e8871cd1cfb496866b75df
  • SHA-1: a302997d9503f73fe732c07b85d0fa09a493cf36
  • (mirror)
  • SDCARD IMAGE: Use Win32DiskImager for Windows and similar apps or dd command on Linux or OSX
  • Extract *.7z with 7Zip.
  • Includes:, latest TWRP, CM11.0 image, and bootable files.
  • CRC-32: bd4f9b6b 
  • MD4: 63f30bb5556768a2bb89f5e1be4c6822
  • MD5: e4963a91e44a5d283db360da9cdea575
  • SHA-1: 871adf27662353bf9f076b3830fb828fdd2aa061
  • cm_ovation_11.0_02APR2014_HD_SDC_NOEMMC_IMG.7z (mirror)

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14 Responses to CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Bricked & No EMMC Nook HD+ (25APR2014)

  1. Matt Nelson says:

    Hey, just found this after having my Nook brick up on me. It’s pretty great, though I don’t think I’m understanding how to get the expansion to work. When I get into the recovery (which takes an incredibly long time) and get into the mounting menu, I can click on “Boot” and then the mount button, but I don’t see a way to browse for anything. Am I misunderstanding this? Both my Nook and my SD card show almost no space on them ever since doing this fix, which is not helpful since I know there’s nearly 8 gigs available on both the nook and the SD card.

  2. Jesse Tokarz (@deejayeetee) says:

    This is ALMOST just what I’ve been looking for. A while back I started running an “SD-only” rom on my HD+. It worked fine for a while but I eventually got the same sorts of problems that seem to be associated with the emmc bricking bug that I’ve read about (mostly errors with mounting paths for data, cache, etc.). So I’ve been looking for a real way to run entirely from the SD card, and this seems to be it. Only problem is that I can’t quite get it to work. I can get into recovery, and even flash the “expand bootable SDcard” zip, but whenever I try to boot into the SDC Boot option, I get stuck in a bootloop. I’m closer to having my tablet back, but I guess I need to do some more searching.

    • iamafanof says:

      Are you using Windows? If you are, just download “MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition” and check the last partition on the SDCARD to see if it’s still unallocated. It’s quicker if you just manually create a “PRIMARY, EXT4, DATA” partition.

      The proper procedure is to use SD Formatter to format your SDCard first then burn the image to your SDCard.

  3. hey, the .IMG file is corruted ! Anyone pls upload another ? my HD+ is dead, i really need this .IMG file

  4. iamafanof says: is close to 14,000 download, which is ridiculous. I don’t even thinkg there are that many EMMC bricked Nook HD+ out there.

  5. czin80 says:

    help me!
    my nook HD(7″) is memory bricked.
    not exist nook hd(7″) for no emmc cm rom?

  6. GK says:

    My device freeze on boot after set to “art” in Developer Mode (working fine when it was in Dalvik Mode) and it freeze at Teamwin logo when boot to recovery.
    I had try to format and re-write the sdcard image to sdcard but still fail to boot, now I have to fallback to cm10.1.

  7. Wilmore says:

    Is this for Nooks that had eMMC with the bricking flaw that ran early kernels before the fix was in which keeps TRIM from bricking them? I’m having trouble understanding how you would have no eMMC otherwise.

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