Nook Tablet CM7.2 RC1 4-25


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Background ^

The process of developing for the Nook Tablet was a slow one. The Kindle Fire had a head start in development because the device was not lock, which attracted developers. CM7 and CM9 came out on Kindle Fire ahead of Nook Tablet. At that time, the Nook Tablet had a locked device and lacks developers. Nook Tablet had root access created by Indirect, but the device was still locked. There were attempts to bypass the locked boot loader on Nook Tablet by AdamOutler and hkvc with moderate success. It was not until later that bauwks found a hole in the Nook Tablet source by creating a second bootloader referred to as second u-boot or irboot. After the second u-boot hole was found, we had CM7 ported to Nook Tablet by Team-B, consist of CelticWebSolutions and Goncezilla. Ubuntu popped up on Nook Tablet by AdamOutler. CM9 was at infant stage by nemith and fattire. Nemith later dropped developing on the Nook Tablet due to kernel constraint and personal stuffs. Kernel 3.x was needed for CM9 to support all the goodies like hardware acceleration and decoding. Along came chrmhoffmann and Kuzma30 helping porting kernel 3.x. Chrmhoffmann backported some 3.x features to Nook Tablet current kernel, 2.6.35 and released a working CM9. Kernel 3.x is still being developed and things are shaping well.

For the past couple of months, I have been learning how to compile CM7 for the Nook Tablet. Without device and vendor source, I had to borrow from the next best thing, Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are not that much different in term of hardware specs. Besides the obvious different in storage space and ram until Barnes and Noble decided to release an 8 GB version of the Nook Tablet, there were differences in external sdcard slot, and microphone. The Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire shared similar Wi-Fi chip, audio chip, CPU, GPU and kernel base. This makes developing between devices easy. I have taken available device and vendor source from WhistleStop and JackpotCalvin, Kindle Fire developers, and I tried to create my own device and vendor source to compile CM7 for the Nook Tablet. Along the way, I used other available sources from Nook Tablet, Droid Bionic, and LG P920 for references. It was a success.

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