CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Nook Color (25APR2014)


The Nookie Developers have done a fantastic job keeping this device up to date with current android. For most devices as old as the Nook Color, their life support is very short because developers like to move on to the next device. Nook Color is special because it is one of the first cheap unlocked tablets. It is great that this tablet lasted this long.

If you do not like or do not know how to compile your own cm-11.0 for the Nook Color, I will provide the one I had compiled. All credits goes to the Nookie Developers. I did not add anything but compile cm-11.0 from the provided sources.

Not everyone is capable of compiling Cyanogenmod for his or her device. I did not always compile my own ROM. Back when Nook Color was release, I was using someone else’s CM7 ROM until I had learned to compile my own ROM. It takes me a lot of time to learn how to compile Android and understanding all the different errors that associated with compiling Android. I have seen many different errors over the years.  It is one of the painful things about compiling android. I know how to fix the errors, but people new to compiling Android might not. I do not discourage people from compiling their own ROM, but I understand that not everyone is capable of compiling Android. My compiled ROM is not always the best but I try to make it as best as I can.

  • Changelogs and sources:
  • Credits: NookieDevs, fattire, hashcode, dalingrin
  • Official CyanogenMod build for encore
  • CyanogenMod source
  • CyanogenMod on G+
  • 12/22 – Initial build, repo synced
  • 01/03 – Repo synced, option for double-tap status bar to sleep, for more look at
  • 01/16 – Repo synced, change boot animation size, set zram to 128MB, switch to WPA_SUPPLICANT_TI to fix unknown MAC Address, battery status text option for status bar. I tested ART out on the Nook Color and it work. You do not need to disable boot animation on this build. Enabling ART will make your NC takes forever to boot into Android. The optimizing process takes forever as well if you have GAPPS installed. I did not notice any speed boost with ART.
  • 01/29 – Repo synced, enabled KSM by default,  revert boot to landscape, new Cyanoboot menu look, some clean ups.
  • 01/31 – Repo synced, fixed reboot to recovery, added Advanced storage settings (Settings>Storage>Menu, This allows you to swap storage paths).
  • 04/25 – Repo synced

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