CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Bricked & No EMMC Nook HD+ (25APR2014)


These informations pertain to bricked Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ with no EMMC.

Credits: verygreen, fattire, hashcode, bokbokan, loosethiskin

  • DO NOT DELETE the “devconf” folder on your micro SD Card as it contains your faux “MACAddress” and “DeviceID”. Bricked Nook HD+ with no EMMC mean the partition with your device informations are gone. So fake mac address and serial number will suffice.
  • If you know your real device MAC Address, you can replace it with the fake one by editing the “MACAdress” file. Certain routers and modems have a log of devices connected with their mac address that you can use that to pinpoint your real mac address.
  •     Changing Mac Address:
  •     1. Modify the “MACAddress” file inside the “devconf” folder on your micro SD Card with any 12-digit hexadecimal numbers.
  •     2. Boot into CM 11.0 and turn off your Wi-Fi in the Settings.
  •     3. Open “File Manager”>Settings>Enable “Root Access mode”
  •     4. Browse to and delete /system/etc/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin file.
  •     5. Open up Terminal and type commands,
  •        $ su
  •        # sh /system/bin/
  •     6. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Your real Device ID or serial number is located under the micro SD Card cover. You can edit the “DeviceID” file with your real serial number.
  • To expand the DATA partition of your micro SD Card after burning the SDCARD IMAGE, you need to boot into “SDC Recovery” at the Cyanoboot menu. Wait for device to boot into TRWP and then mount “Boot” and un-mount “Data”. Browse to the “Boot” folder and install the “” file. Reboot into TWRP and follow the steps to install the “” file again to complete the process before rebooting into CM 11.0.
  • When booting into CM 11.0, it will take a couple minutes at the animation screen for the first time.
  • For further informations, please checkout previous post on CM11.0 for Nook HD+. If your device lag too much, change to a difference SDCard.
  • Fuzz 8×8 kernel for 25APR2014 ROM (default fuzz is 3×5, rename the old kernel and copy over the new one)

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