ParanoidAndroid AOSPA 3.+ JB 4.2.2 for Nook Tablet (SDC Boot) (02/26)

Paranoid Android 3+ Review by datmexicankidd

  • This is a test build of ParanoidAndroid AOSPA 3.+ for Nook Tablet.
  • I just compiled it from source for fun.
  • The main thing you’ll notice is the addition of Pie, a customizable softkeys/statusbar.
  • You’ll unlock “Developer options” by tapping “Build number” 7 times.
  • There is no “Performance” settings, so you’ll have to use set CPU app or init script for CPU settings.
  • The default CPU settings is 1008MHz max and Interactive governor.
  • What I added are CMFileManager, Sound Recorder, and Terminal Emulator.
  • AOSP is bare bone Android.
  • If you are used to CM settings, you’ll find there are missing settings here.
  • What’s not working? You tell me. PA sources are still rolling out.
  • Serial Number is unknown, I can’t resolve it.
  • What work? Wifi, Audio, Mic, Video playback
  • If you’d like to help the Paranoid Android team, you can buy their Paranoid Android Preferences app on Google Play.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Clear Data/Factory reset and Dalvik Cache before flashing if you are on CM build.
  • Booting can take several minutes so be patient.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Lots of things
  • Can’t take screenshot in newer build due to SurfaceFlinger.
  • No battery percentage implemented yet.
  • ParanoidAndroid source
  • ParanoidAndroid on G+
  • 02/23 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.66, compiled with GCC 4.7, look at the PA source history for further changes.
  • 02/26 – Repo synced, 3.10, removed Trebuchet due to some issues, fixed rotation problem, fixed screenshot problem.

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