CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Nook HD+ (SDC/IMG) (28APR2014)

KitKat have been out for a while on many devices. I have been busy working to get it running on Nook devices. What are the changes in KitKat?

Some of the things I have noticed that are different are the android browser sucks less. It is similar to Chrome now. There are new icons and transparent UI. Besides the missing SGT7 settings features, I have not notice any major improvement. The source codes however changed a lot. The compiling time also increased for me. CM-10.2 compiled under 50 minutes and CM-11.0 compiled in a little over 2 hours. I do not know if it is my setup. Source codes changes daily, so new features will be added down the line.

  • Changelogs and sources:
  • Credits: verygreen, fattire, hashcode, bokbokan, loosethiskin
  • Official CyanogenMod for ovation
  • CyanogenMod source
  • CyanogenMod on G+
  • 12/20 – Initial build, repo synced, kernel 3.0.101, CWM, don’t expect most of the settings from SGT7 cm-10.2, & expect bugs.
  • 12/21 – Repo synced, patched FSTRIM EMMC corruption bug, enable FSTRIM support (not tested), tweak touchscreen, & expect bugs.
  • 12/24 – Repo synced, fixed booting animation, device will boot into landscape mode, I recommend enabling Rotate lock screen, updated CWM  recovery to include install from “/storage/sdcard1” (external SDCard) & enabled Fdisk advanced features for expanding SDCard Data1 partition. This build might require a wipe data/factory reset.
  • 12/27 – Repo synced, fixed rotation lag, show “/external_sd” for internal CWM recovery.
  • 01/03 – Repo synced, switched to OMNI branch TWRP, interface option for double-tap status bar to sleep, removed SGT7 Trebuchet.
  • 01/11 – Repo synced, fixed TWRP battery stat reset bug, 0xD34D‘s screen recorder (Settings>Display>Screen Recorder, hold Power+Vol Up, can record mic), battery status text option for status bar.
  • 01/13 – Repo synced, update on battery status text option for status bar, screen recorder now save video as mp4 instead of m4v format.
  • 01/19 – Repo synced, switch to WPA_SUPPLICANT_TI to fix unknown mac address, increased zram from 64MB to 128MB, increased tiler1d from 27MB to 34MB to improve transition effects, reduce boot animation size, revert boot to landscape. For SDCARD ROM, new Cyanoboot and boot files will now be included.
  • 02/13 – Repo synced, revert back to AOSP WPA_SUPPLICANT, revert zram, updated TWRP so that Advanced Wipe/SDCard Data wipe SDCard data without wiping /data/media. Added “INT ALTBOOT” to Cyanoboot. You can enable “INT ALTBOOT” by putting kernel and ramdisk in the bootdata partition/folder. DO NOT ENABLE “Swap environment primary” in  Storage/Advanced storage settings. Currently swapping storages only work on non-emulated storages.
  • 04/28 – Repo synced, added flashable “Fuzz 8×8” kernel, changelogs

  • Installation:
  • (You should know the risks of installing ROM and will bear responsibility if anything bad were to happen to your device.)
  • Copy the latest ROM/GAPPS to your internal storage/device (/storage/sdcard0)
  • Have the latest CWM/TWRP recovery installed or on your SDCard.
  • You need to have the latest CWM/TWRP installed and install cm-11.0 from it or else you will get an error.
  • The latest recovery.img is located inside the CWM/TWRP. (Included section)
  • Manual backup of recovery via terminal,
  • > su
  • > dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=/storage/sdcard0/recovery_bk.img
  • Manual install of recovery via terminal,
  • > su
  • > dd if=/storage/sdcard0/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3
  • Make any necessary backup.
  • Boot to recovery and install ROM (choose zip from /sdcard/0)
  • Wipe Cache/Fix Permission in recovery.
  • Wipe Data/Factory reset if you are on earlier build. (internal ROM)
  • Flash (sdcard ROM)
  • Install latest GAPPS.
  • Reboot.
  • All flash_*.zip links updated & has new codes.
  • Please discard old flash_*.zip files.
  • Working:
  • Bluetooth (Required initial reboot)
  • Wi-fi
  • Audio/mic
  • Storage/external SDCard
  • MP4 video playback/Youtube HD video playback
  • USB Host (USB Storage, Xbox 360 controller, etc)
  • NTFS/exFAT Formatted SDCard
  • Screen Recording
  • To Do List:
  • Lots of things
  • Mac address unavailable
  • More bugs? Let me know.
  • Rework Cyanoboot.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Please Read Q&A before asking questions (some questions may not apply)
  • Where is the reboot to recovery option?
  • Setting/Developer options/enable Advanced reboot
  • So where is this Developer options?
  • Setting/About tablet/Click Build number several times to unlock
  • What else can I change in Developer option?
  • You can change all the animation scale to 0.5.
  • Want to swap your internal storage (EMMC) to SDCARD?
  • Edit /system/build.prop, persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=0 > 1
  • Edit ro.additionalmounts=/storage/sdcard0;/storage/usbdisk0 > /storage/sdcard1;/storage/usbdisk0
  • Restart your tablet.
  • SDCard Build Notes:
  • To view all the storage in File Manager, you need to enable Root Access mode in the Settings
  • /storage/emulated, sdcard0 is your SDCard internal storage (emulated storage, Storage Settings)
  • /storage/emulated/0 is your current user storage
  • /storage/sdcard1 is your SDCard storage (BOOT partition or p1)
  • /storage/sdcard2 is your device internal storage (emulated storage)
  • /storage/sdcard2/0 is where you should store your ROM updates (change GooManager settings)
  • /storage/usbdisk0 is your USB disk storage
  • USB Mount on computer (SDCard boot):
  • Here you get three drives if your SDCard is present.
  • It is confusing as to which drives are SDCard and device “Internal storage”.
  • I could have re-named them, but then I would have to translate to a string to a hundred languages.
  • From the 16GB device, you should see “Internal storage” with “12.6 GB” of space.
  • I don’t have a 32GB device, but it might show up with around “25 GB”.
  • GooManager setup:
  • Settings>Download Path: ‘/storage/sdcard0/rom/’ (INT Boot) or ‘/storage/sdcard2/0/rom’ (SDC Boot)
  • ROM ending in *SDC is for SDCARD boot. Don’t get it mixed up for internal ROM.
  • TWRP Recovery Guide:
  • Only top half of the menu bar buttons, ie Home, back, and log button, register your touch input.
  • Folders: Internal Storage>emmc, External Storage>sdcard
  • Install ROM: Install>Folders>Select *.zip>Swipe to confirm Flash
  • Disabled screen timeout: Settings >Screen>Uncheck Enable screen timeout
  • Wiping internal /data without wiping internal storage, /data/media: Wipe>Swipe to Factory Reset
  • Wiping sdcard /data without wiping internal storage, /data/media: Install>Folders> Select
  • Clean Installation:
  • Use Factory Reset in CWM/TWRP for internal boot.
  • Flash for SDCard boot. (Exclude /data/media)
  • Flash for SDCard boot. (Wipe /data/media)
  • Dirty Installation:
  • Clear cache and dalvik cache.
  • Use Titanium Backup to back up your apps and data.
  • Only backup your apps and data. Don’t backup system apps or data (red lettering).
  • Restoring system apps can cause boot loop.
  • Tips:
  • Enabled reboot to recovery by enabling Advance reboot in Developer options.
  • Speed up animation by lowering animation scale in Developer options
  • APK Removed:
  • CMUpdater
  • CMAccount
  • CMFota
  • CMWallpapers
  • DSPManager
  • VideoEditor
  • VoicePlus
  • VoiceDialer
  • Games tested:
  • You need to do a clean installation if you are on earlier CM7/9/10 build.
  • You need to re-install GAPPS after each update.
  • This is a 2GB IMG clone of bootable cm-11.0 SDCard for Nook HD+.
  • Download:
  • 7-zip
  • SD Formatter
  • d955f591749cce12748b6a7fc79a469f *cm_ovation_11.0_24DEC2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (mirror)
  • (The IMG has all the necessary flashable files except for the GAPPS.)
  • SDCards have variable read and write speed.
  • If your SDCard doesn’t boot or the OS lag, then try a different SDCard.
  • Instructions: Read carefully and follow as instructed to avoid any errors.
  • • Extract the compressed file (*.7z) with 7-zip to get the image file (*.img).
    • Format your SDCard with SD Formatter.
    • Burned or dd the image (*.img) to your 1.84GB or larger SDCard.
    Read earlier post on Burning IMG Instructions

    • Boot your device from SDCard into “SDC CWM Recovery” via the Cyanoboot menu.
    • Install (Located in /storage/sdcard1 or /external_sd)
    (This will prepare your SDCard Data1 partition for expansion)
    • Reboot your device into “SDC CWM Recovery”. (This reboot is required)
    • Install (Located in /storage/sdcard1 or /external_sd)
    (Do this to complete the expansion & format of the SDCard Data1 partition)
    • Reboot your device and let it boot into cm-11.0. (This will take a couple of minutes)
    • Copy the GAPPS file (*.zip) to your device internal storage folder “0” via USB cable.
    • Reboot your device into “SDC CWM Recovery”.
    • Install the GAPPS file (*.zip). (Located in /sdcard)
    (It is important that you boot into cm-11.0 before installing GAPPS in recovery to avoid possible “unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped” errors.)
    • Installation is complete.
  • You can manually expand SDCard Data1 partition on your computer.
  • Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4” “DATA1” (no SDCARD P4 like Nook Tablet) using MiniTool or GParted.
  • To use 800p, 1200p, and 1280p scaling profile.
  • Use Terminal, su, sh system/bin/ (profile name) and reboot.

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Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

184 Responses to CM11.0 KitKat (Android 4.4.2) for Nook HD+ (SDC/IMG) (28APR2014)

  1. Dwayne K. Smith says:

    Will there be a 4.4.4 release soon

  2. fredlave says:

    Now I’m facing a new problem: when I boot into recovery TWRP loads and I would prefer CWM. How can I get that to happen. Can I just delete TWRP, including the one in EMMC? Also, the version of GAPPS we go was missing a number of apps including PlayStore. Any help would be appreciated.
    Note: I started this upgrade with a pristine 16GB Class4 SanDisk card.

    • iamafanof says:

      All of my ROMs includes TWRP recovery. If you don’t want TWRP, delete it from the ROM and flash CWM. After each ROM, you need to flash GAPPs again. The GAPPS links I provide is the barebone GAPPS package.

  3. Dwayne K. Smith says:

    Hi i’ve been using your rom for a few weeks now and its been running well for the most part. The only issue i have now that started recently is with the lock screen. I’ll be trying to wake the screen to turn off my alarm in the morning but when i press the power button or the home button to wake, the screen would immediately lock and turn off the screen. Twice this week i’m working on a document or browsing, devices is idle and when i try to wake the device nothing happens. I let it sit for a while and then i try again and the screen turns on. I only have default slide to unlock enabled. At times i would wake the device slide to unlock but the device locks and the screen goes off.

  4. janolan says:

    Will we get an update to 4.4.3? Latest ROM is working flawlessly btw. Good work Succulent!

  5. Matt says:

    TRIM does not seem to be enabled in your latest 5/23 build. Can you please enable in future build? Thanks!

    • infra_red_dude says:

      Can confirm that in July 2, 2014 build. fstrim: operation not support on transport endpoint.

      succulent, please do look in to this issue.

  6. EStone says:

    The last Two G-App files for the SDC come up as malicious on my chrome browser. Is it something the antivirus might kick because if it is I guess I need to disable it. I guess I can try a different browser as well.

  7. irimolsjik says:

    (Running build 5/22, don’t know why you took it down..)
    Well, I THINK I did something wrong. I used one of the scaling profiles, and now the size of actual, visible, usual screen space has been reduced to a rectangle in the middle of the screen about 3½ x 3 inches big. Should I reflash the ROM?

  8. antebr says:

    Any plans for update release with new Theme Engine?


  9. George says:

    Want to share what I have observed after playing with 4/28 SDcard ROM for a few days:
    1. GPS/Location still not working for me. It did get a lock only once but never again. Tried all possible settings and Google maps and other apps just cannot locate my HD+.
    2. If you try to change the max. cpu speed it does not stick and will revert to 1500mhz.
    3. If I move the system settings app icon to one of the bottom 9 quick launch bar; it will get deleted after a reboot.
    4. With WiFi shutdown; it cannot go into full deep sleep. My NT can with the latest 4/25 SDcard ROM. Hope the next Kernel can do better.
    5. It seems HD+ will discharge battery till 3.3V (0% reported capacity). Whereas in Nook tablet and almost all other tablet/cellphone minimum battery level at 0% is 3.5V. Can anyone confirm this?? I use Battery Spy app. Many other apps will report battery voltage. This will kill the battery VERY fast. You should not allow any Lipo battery to discharge under 3.5V (already borderline) if you want it to last.
    Thanks again Succulent.

  10. George says:

    Need help. I have been using Nook Tablet with Succulent’s SDCARD ROM for 2 years. Just got a HD+ to try and only have 10 days to return it if I do not like it.
    I want to try SDcard boot Kitkat image but I am confused about the “Emulated Storage” thing here because that does not apply to Nook Tablet.
    Q1. I like to try a SDcard boot Rom for HD+ such that the EMMC is not wiped out and I can restore to original state if I need to return it. => Does the CM11.0 sdcard ROM allows that?? Or I need to use the CM10.2 HD+ Rom??
    Q2. I like to be able to just take out the SDcard and reboot into the stock Barnes and Noble ROM if I choose to. Can anyone explain how to achieve that?? If only the CM10.2 SDcard ROM can achieve that please confirm as well.
    Thanks so much!!

    • samtee2 says:

      I may not be the one to talk. I have very little knowledge about this. However, I am just going to tell you about my experience. I use a Sandisk 8gb class 4 SD. I do “burn” image from this page onto it. And follow the process in this page, my HD+ boot up fines and seem to work OK (see my post below). But, when I try to install and I got “boot loop”. So, I took the SD out and “reboot”, it did boot back to the stock. I try this couple of times, got “boot loops” every time. And, when I took the sd out reboot back to stock. Here come the bad news. The last time this happen, I took the sd out and assume that it will reboot back but I don’t know what happen. It did boot back but all my data and app in the internal rom are gone. I have to reinstall everything again.

      • George says:

        Thanks Samtee2 for sharing. What we need is more users to share here with concise/accurate instructions to supplement what Succulent already wrote.
        I went ahead and tried both CM10.2 latest image on one card; and on another card the 11.0 Image + upgrade it to latest 4/28 ROM. All went ok without getting into any boot loops.
        A. For starting fresh from an image I just burned image to card; and then delete the last (3rd) partition and then recreate the 3rd/last partition as DATA1/EXT4/Primary with all the free space at the end of the card merged into it using MiniTools. Then boot from the card straight into CM10.2 or CM11.0 the first time. (No need to flash the 2 Zip to expand/format the DATA1 as I already did that manually. You should also have copied the GAPPS zip into internal/EMMC storage (make a new Folder)
        Then power off/power on again and go into CMW recovery this time. Flash GAPPS zip.
        Power off again/power on and let it boot normally into CM10.2/11.0. For me the reboot button within CMW/TWRP usually does not work. So I always do power off/on cycle whenever a reboot is needed.
        B. When I upgrade to a newer ROM (eg. from the initial 12/24 img to 4/28 ROM): I copied the ROM to my usual internal storage/EMMC folder (I hope this location will never get wiped out) where my GAPPS/other ROM are located. Shutdown and then go into recovery. Install ROM zip; Then Wipe Cache; Then Install the flash_format_data1_not_media Zip; Then Install GAPPS zip. Then power off/on cycle and let it boot into the upgraded CM11.0.

        • iamafanof says:

          I will revise my instructions if someone want to write one up. I am lazy and I don’t know how to write noob friendly instructions. I will give credit.

  11. samtee2 says:

    If I install CM11 internally (internal ROM), can I go back to the stock ROM?

    • Sean Kurth says:

      Not directly. CWM/TWRP flashes ROMs over your ENTIRE internal storage, its like a factory reset but even more thorough. There is nothing remaining of your stock ROM, I can assure you not a single file. Hopefully you made a backup of the stock ROM with CWM/TWRP. If you didn’t then hopefully you can find something on Google, but you’ll have to wipe everything and reflash.

  12. samtee2 says:

    I had problems. I try to install cm11 sd boot for HD+. I use a 8gb sandisk class 4 sd. I format it and write img (cm_ovation_11.0_24DEC2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z ) on it, go though Install, Install, and install Everything seem to work OK. However, I try to use usb thumb drive and it cannot read. So, I though it might need latest ROM. I copy * into the internal memory, install it and reboot. Now that where I got problems: it struck in the boot loop. Please help.

    • iamafanof says:

      Did you turn on USB Host? Always re-install GAPPS after new update. Start over if you have boot loop.

      • samtee2 says:

        OK, thank you. I turn it on and it didn’t work with my 32gb (fat 32 , Itry sandisk and lexar) thumb drive. However, it owrks with 16 gb (fat32) thumb dirve and to my surprise, it wok with my WD Elements 3.5″ 500 gb NTFS external drive. May be, I have to format the 32gb thumb drive with NTFS. Thank you for your wonderful works.

  13. samtee2 says:

    I have Nook tablet that used to boot by SD (from your page) and now I move to internal ROM (by your suggestion). Thank you very much. Now, I have this sd card with cm11. I plan to boot HD+ with CM11 from sd. Can I copy ROM into the internal of HD+ then use the can from NT to do sd recovery and install the HD+ ROM on to the SD card.

  14. pumpal says:

    Much appreciated work – runs very smooth and has been quite stable so far!
    Question: goo,im man reports new ROM 07MAR-2014, while on this page the last listed is 13FEB2014. Shall we update & if so, what’s changed ?


  15. samtee says:

    Can I use 64gb class10 for sd boot? Thank you.

  16. Jim Jamz says:

    Hey Succulent. I’d like to thank you for building a bug free CM11 ROM. Compared to the official nightlies, this build runs so much better, well, except for the occasional reboots and the WiFi issue.
    Just wondering if you’re gonna have a new build coming out soon?

    • iamafanof says:

      I am seeing a lot of different builds on XDA that are recent. I don’t use my tab much except for streaming stuffs. I don’t like constant update. I haven’t seen any new feature and or anything cool in recent changes.

  17. janolan says:

    Hello Succulent!
    Would it be possible to implement 8×8 Touch fuzz ( by drmarble into your Kernel? A lot of people out there have a twitchy touchscreen and I am sure they would appriciate the OPTION of flashing your Kernel + the 8×8 Touch Fuzz.
    drmarble has a Kernel with that but it just works with the Official CM11 builds.
    I would be so happy, because your ROM is basically bugfree and so stable, but the touch screen is very twitchy when browsing or zooming.
    Thank you!

    • iamafanof says:

      I use 3×5, is 8×8 better? I don’t have twitchy touchscreen.

      • janolan says:

        Better? Well, for those with with a twitchy screen it means a lot. I have 4 NOOK’s to set up for relatives and I would choose your ROM, but all have a very twitchy screen.
        Would it be possible to provide an alternate Kernel version with 8×8 fuzz that could be flashed by those who have the problem?

      • janolan says:

        Any chance Succulent?

      • Jim Jamz says:

        Actually, Succulent, I have the same problem.
        The screen’s twitchy upon touch via holding an icon or panning over a photo.
        I’d also like to see 8×8 fuzz incorporated into your ROM, at your convenience and if you can.

  18. Kevin says:

    Is there a changelog for the new 3/7 version on It seems to be working very well for me. Thanks!

  19. Abelardo Jara-Berrocal says:

    This ROM is great but MANY games have horrible audio (jitter) like Rayman, or specially this game The Cave. Is there any change to fix this audio problem. In Android 4.3 there was no this problem. Read that there is a problem in CM11 with audio, could you please, pretty please look for the fix. Blessings.

  20. janolan says:

    Great ROM! Few suggestions: Could you remove the Camera Widget on the Lockscreen in the next build? Just isn´t necessary.

    Second, when you pull down the notification bar the status bar stays transparent and doesn´t turn black (like in the official CM builds). This is just an aestetic thought. Maybe one can sync that up the official framework.

  21. dave says:

    The problem is there are no clear instructions anywhere how to install this.

  22. rain8707 says:

    Does sixaxis work with cm11 current virsion?

  23. jpisini says:

    Running latest version everything looks good so far. Excellent work. Thanks.

  24. jones says:

    Help, Help, Helpppppp, please, My nook hd+ boots from sd but not from its internal mem, how can I fix it?

    • Sean says:

      After about 6/7 failed attempts it reset itself back to factory settings…

    • Tyler says:

      I’m having the same issue.. Also the GApps won’t show up after I downloaded it. Maybe someone can explain what I’m doing wrong, before I can possibly figure it out on my own.. I didn’t install any of the other zips from the sdcard1 besides the one listed too. so maybe that’s the problem. I also tried to update the ROM to the lastest build from GOO, but it didn’t seem to work, it was just taking so long.

  25. Vanja Djukic says:

    Can I use a 3g usb Huawei modem with this OS?

  26. Max says:

    So can someone tell me how to do this without going into technical terms.
    Like what do I download?
    And where to put certains files at what location on the external and internal sd card

  27. jared says:

    I am having significant lag with the emmc 1/19 version. Firefox, xda, and other apps force close often. i had to go back to the 1/16 ver for stability.

  28. Steve says:

    Best build yet! I have NO issues at all. None.


    • alyn99 says:

      Anyone having auto troate errors withh
      Jan 19 build? I used mx player once which autorotated to landscape after which nook will not auto rotate at all no mateer which autorotate settings are checked. Aldo having sifi issue on reboot. It will eventually reconnect after about 35 seconds.

  29. webdroidmt says:

    Thanks for the new build, seems to have a bit more smoothness than previous builds and I’m happy you went back to portrait boot anim. However, I’m having wifi connect issues that I never had with your previous builds.

    I see that you changed the wpa supplicant and I’m guessing that is the problem. Upon reading XDA forum, it seems that others are having wifi issues with verygreen’s builds after Jan 10th, which is when he changed the wpa supplicant.

    I replaced some wpa specific files in your Jan 19 build with ones from your Jan 13 build and the wifi connect issues are gone.

    Figured I’d just give you a headsup, thanks again.

    Mike T

    • iamafanof says:

      I’ve read about the Wifi issue but I’ve never experience it. My Wifi always connect on reboot or after deep sleep. It’s a weird issue.

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