CM10.2 Jellybean (Android 4.3.1) for Nook HD+ (IMG/SDC Boot) (26NOV2013)


I know I am late to the party. A few XDA developers (verygreen, bokbokan) have been compiling Cyanogenmod for Nook HD/HD+ for a while now. I just have my Nook HD+ for couple of weeks. I have only started working on compiling CM for my Nook HD+ for a couple days. I am still learning as I go. One of the main reason I am doing this is because for some reason my refurbished device gets hot in the left corner where the processor is located using Stock OS. With CM, the device does not heat up my palm. CM also allows more flexibility to the device and extends its life.

  • Supported:
  • Most features from CM 10.2
  • USB Host (USB Storage, Xbox 360 controller, etc)
  • Questions and Answers Please Read before asking questions
  • Want to swap your internal storage (EMMC) to SDCARD?
  • Edit /system/build.prop, persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=0 > 1
  • Edit ro.additionalmounts=/storage/sdcard0;/storage/usbdisk0 > /storage/sdcard1;/storage/usbdisk0
    then restart your tablet.
  • GPS:
  • Google location changed in CM 10.2. It utilizes /system/etc/gps.conf to pinpoint your location using the internet.
  • Copy gps.conf to /system/etc/ and restart device.
  • Requirement: Google Maps, Google Play Services, Google Play Store
  • Maps Settings>Google location settings>Access location enabled
  • CM Settings>Location access> Access to my location ON and Wi-Fi & mobile network location enabled
  • Run Maps for a few minutes with Wi-Fi on.
  • Turn wi-fi off then on.
  • It can takes like 5 minutes or more to obtain your location.
  • SDCard Build Notes:
  • To view all the storage in File Manager, you need to enable Root Access mode in the Settings
  • /storage/emulated, sdcard0 is your SDCard internal storage (emulated storage, Storage Settings)
  • /storage/emulated/0 is your current user storage
  • /storage/sdcard1 is your SDCard storage (BOOT partition or p1)
  • /storage/sdcard2 is your device internal storage (emulated storage)
  • /storage/sdcard2/0 is where you should store your ROM updates (change GooManager settings)
  • /storage/usbdisk0 is your USB disk storage
  • USB Mount on computer (SDCard boot):
  • Here you get three drives if your SDCard is present.
  • It can be confusing as to which drives are SDCard and device “Internal storage”.
  • I could have re-named them, but then I would have to translate to a string to a hundred languages.
  • From the 16GB device, you should see “Internal storage” with “12.6 GB” of space.
  • I don’t have a 32GB device, but it might show up with around “25 GB”.
  • GooManager setup:
  • Settings>Download Path: ‘/storage/sdcard0/rom/’ (INT Boot) or ‘/storage/sdcard2/0/rom’ (SDC Boot)
  • ROM ending in *SDC is for SDCARD boot. Don’t get it mixed up for internal ROM.
  • TWRP Recovery Guide:
  • Only top half of the menu bar buttons, ie Home, back, and log buton, register your input.
  • Folders: Internal Storage>emmc, External Storage>sdcard
  • Install ROM: Install>Folders>Select *.zip>Swipe to Confim Flash
  • Disabled screen timeout: Settings >Screen>Uncheck Enable screen timeout
  • Wiping internal /data without wiping internal storage, /data/media: Wipe>Swipe to Facotry Reset
  • Wiping sdcard /data without wiping internal storage, /data/media: Install>Folders> Select
  • Clean Installation:
  • Use Factory Reset in CWM/TWRP for internal boot.
  • Flash for SDCard boot. (Exclude /data/media)
  • Flash for SDCard boot. (Wipe /data/media)
  • Dirty Installation:
  • Clear cache and dalvik cache.
  • Use Titanium Backup to back up your apps and data.
  • Only backup your apps and data. Don’t backup system apps or data (red lettering).
  • Restoring system apps can cause boot loop.
  • Tips:
  • Enabled reboot to recovery by enabling Advance reboot in Developer options.
  • Speed up animation by lowering animation scale in Developer options
  • APK Removed:
  • Focal (Camera app)
  • CMUpdater (For updating official CM build)
  • CMAccount
  • DSPManager
  • VoiceDialer
  • Included:
  • TWRP v2.6.3.0 (Touch based recovery)
  • Games tested:
  • To Do List:
  • Lots of things
  • Bugs:  Icon scale is set to 110% in Trebuchet, but it is not working. Fix this by setting the scale to something else then back to 110%.
  • Bugs: Interface Tablet status bar not changing to tablet UI. Fix this by setting flip status bar then unchecked it.
  • More bugs? Let me know.
  • Rework Cyanoboot.
  • You need to do a clean installation if you are on previous CM7/9/10.
  • You need to re-install GAPPS after each update.
  • boot.7z Boot files for booting from SDCard. It include uImage (2ndbootloader) ramdisk.cwm (TWRP), etc.
  • This is a 2GB IMG clone of bootable cm-10.2 for Nook HD+.
  • •    Instructions:Read carefully and follow as instructed to avoid any errors.
    •    Download:
  • 7-zip
  • SD Formatter 
  • cm_ovation_10.2_28NOV2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (no gapps)
  • •    Extract the compressed file (*.7z) to get the image file (*.img).
    •    Format your SDCard with SD Formatter.
    •    Burned or dd the image (*.img) onto your 2GB or larger SDCard. (see previous posts on IMG to learn how to burn/dd image)
    •    Boot your device from SDCard into “SDC Recovery” via the Cyanoboot menu.
    •    Install (browse up a level to the folder sdcard)
    •    *This will prepare you SDCard last partition for expansion
    •    Reboot your device into SDC Recovery.
    •    *A reboot is required
    •    Install (browse up a level to the folder sdcard)
    •    *Do this to complete the expansion of the last partition on the SDCard.
    •    Reboot your device and let it boot into cm-10.2.
    •    Copy the gapps file (*.zip) to your device internal storage folder “0” via USB cable.
    •    Reboot your device into SDC Recovery.
    •    Install the gapps file (*.zip). (browse up a level to the folder emmc)
    •    *It is important that you boot into cm-10.2 before installing gapps in recovery to avoid “unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped” errors.
    •    Installation is complete.
  • Extract and flash IMG file with win32diskimager or use dd command on OSX or Linux.
  • You can manually expand the last partition of the SDCard on your computer.
  • Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4” “DATA1” (no SDCARD P4 like Nook Tablet) using MiniTool or GParted.
  • 29675f95d0ecb102a6658f479278473b *cm_ovation_10.2.0-RC0_24SEP2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (mirror)
  • *New microSD card (1.84GB). Added 800p, 1200p, and 1280p scaling profile.
  • Use Terminal, su, sh system/bin/ (profile name) and reboot.
  • a1464ad3363849b7506e720dc17b80bf *cm_ovation_10.2.0-RC0_19SEP2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z

About iamafanof
Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

61 Responses to CM10.2 Jellybean (Android 4.3.1) for Nook HD+ (IMG/SDC Boot) (26NOV2013)

  1. Jackonod says:

    Great ROM, lately I installed with miniTool wizard, and manually I put the gapps and all files in the zip with root explorer. It was fortune full, that the setup wizard doesn’t needed, when I booted in the system, so I can does manually everything. After this I going back to my stock ROM without problem.I never like to flash, when I didn’t trusting, where the flash exactly going. This superb sdcardimg method make it skipable any kind of flash, this is why I love it. And even you added this horrible “format data1 sdcard partition ovation zip”, I never thought to use, coz your instruction with MiniToolWizard worked perfectly.
    One more thing: I never using “reboot” option, when I`m on sdcard ROM. It sticking the ROM after reboot on CyanogenMod logo. So always “shut down” and manually power in – if you don’t Santo to reinstalling everything on the sdcard..!

  2. Jackonod says:

    I was a Nook Tablet and now I have HD+. I’d like to try the sd-card img rom, but I didn’t want to flash anything to anywhere (gapps after first boot). I don’t know why so hard for you to put the wizard and these few gapps files directly into the img file. On my Nook Tablet I tried the sd-card img method, and there never needed to flash later these things, after burned the img it booted perfectly on the wizard. Please, modify your img and make our life more calm!
    I read the comments here, and I saw, that this flashing across cwm didn’t work always properly, so this is why I don’t want to flash anything, sorry!!!

  3. Sean says:

    Issues: I’m installing to SD and used cm_ovation_10.2_28NOV2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z and put the image on my sandisk 16gig class 4 chip. I booted to CM10.2 then went back an installed, rebooted then and rebooted fine into CM10.2. I popped the SD chip and tried booting into orig Nook and gets put into a boot loop then it resets itself back to factory setting. Maybe I shouldn’t have let the orig IMG boot into 10.2 first? Thoughts? Thanks.

  4. 6v6gt says:

    Does this ROM support encryption? All others don’t, or just shows a green wireframe robot.

  5. AWin says:

    Hi iamafanof.

    Thanks for your hard work and sharing your results with us. Could you please explain how to create a TWRP for internal memory? What files need to be included in the building process? Which files need editing?


  6. JamesPT says:

    First off, I am a fan of iamafanof. Great work as well as to the wider dev community.

    It is great to be able to use the latest OS.

    Just loaded:
    – cm_ovation_10.2_28NOV2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (no gapps)

    Everything works great, but a couple of items:

    1. The Nook app in Google play store does not work with this version unless I did something wrong. Should I use an earlier verison of the OS or the gapps or both?

    2. Unable to get back to stock. The option is not enabled on the recovery screen and when I take the sdcard out and try to boot it doesn’t get past the nook screen. What am I doing wrong here?

    • digixmax says:

      I had the same problem #2 (stock ROM not booting past the nook screen) after updating my SDcard CM10.2 image with It seemed as if something might have inadvertently gotten flashed onto emmc.

      Fortunately I was able to restore stock ROM from a backup copy I had made a while back using CWM recovery.

      If you do not have a backup copy of your Nook as I do, you might want to try the “8 failed boots” method for recovery, or reflashing un-rooted stock ROM provided in item #6 at

      • iamafanof says:

        There are many causes to this. This can happen when /data are corrupt on SDCard. Incorrect file permission. Improper format of /data partition. /data partition is not format as ext4/primary. In all case, it can be solve by re-formatting /data partition.
        These files are updated.
        Flash for SDCard boot. (Exclude /data/media)
        Flash for SDCard boot. (Wipe /data/media)

        • JamesPT says:

          IAAFO – The flashing didn’t work for me unfortunately.
          Digixmax – the 8 failed boots method did get me back to stock. When I repeated the IAAFO install then I was in the same boat as before.

  7. RicG says:

    Need help ! I follow the SDC steps.
    I boot with sd , recovery, install, on top show internal space… then try to find zip for install and not find anyone.
    First time I try the nook stay in a boot loop and had to do hard reset.
    My sd card in my laptop is showed by fdisk as sdc1 , sdc2 ,sdc3 partition.
    How solve this ??

  8. Andreas says:

    Hello iamafanof!

    Thanks for your great site!

    It looks like the sdcard images are down on goo and mirror. If I understood correctly, they should be those:
    29675f95d0ecb102a6658f479278473b *cm_ovation_10.2.0-RC0_24SEP2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (mirror)

    Can you perhaps reupload?

    Also.. (sorry, I am new to this), this is the version that boots from SD Card, leaving stock as is, also saving everything on sdcard? Can I somehow distinguish those versions, since for now I do not want to meddle at all with stock?

    Plus, I assume those are installation instructions to boot from sdcard only:
    ◾This is a 2GB IMG clone of bootable cm-10.2 for Nook HD+.
    ◾Extract and flash IMG file with win32diskimager or use dd command on OSX or Linux.

    ◾Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4″ “DATA1″ (no SDCARD P4 like Nook Tablet) using MiniTool or GParted.
    ◾29675f95d0ecb102a6658f479278473b *cm_ovation_10.2.0-RC0_24SEP2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z (mirror)
    ◾*New microSD card (1.84GB). Added 800p, 1200p, and 1280p scaling profile.
    ◾Use Terminal, su, sh system/bin/ (profile name) and reboot.

    Many thanks

    • iamafanof says:

      The links to the file on and mediafire are both working for me.
      How to distinguish versions?
      INTERNAL ROM = ROM that installed to internal emmc
      SDCARD ROM = ROM that installed to SDCard
      SDCARD IMAGE = A clone of a 2GB SDCard running cm-10.2 rom.

  9. says:

    Hi, I have a wlan issue. Everything is rly slow downloaded (Playstore) and websites need more time to load. Is this a general issue or is there something I can do?

    • digixmax says:

      I noticed the same slower download rate phenom with the 11/12 versions on both my HD+ and my NT. I am curious as to what evidence you have that led you to believe the problem lies with the WiFi access.

      • iamafanof says:

        I am aware of slow Wi-Fi transfer in CM10.2. I don’t know what changes causes it yet. I am testing CM11, which is like completely new everything from launcher to needing new recovery to install CM11. Transition time sucks.

  10. Steve says:

    I picked up an HD+ yesterday morning. By early last night I had it running on your SD Card version. One random reboot while reading a book (in Kindle app). Otherwise, AWESOME! Thanks. I can’t say enough good things that haven’t already been said. I’ll be voiding my warranty tonight. 😉

    Only one question: Can I set the battery icon from a circle to %?

  11. gbertoli says:

    SDC Download links not working, do you have alternates?

  12. xujon28 says:

    Pls repost download link!

  13. Shawn Crahan says:

    Love this ROM with two minor exception. It doesn’t seem to support fix permission through clockwork mod, and I keep experiencing force close issues with B&N Nook app. OTOH, I probably screwed up somewhere. It does seem to rum much smoother than VeryGreen’s already excellent build.

  14. talha javed says:

    My nook hd+ is bricked can you please build a cm 10.2 rom that uses a emmc-less system so that I can boot completely from the sd card.Thanks

    • iamafanof says:

      Read: SDCARD IMAGE

      • talha javed says:

        Can you please confirm if this is a PURE sd install with no link to the emmc whatsover

      • niccador says:

        Do you have a SDCARD IMAGE for the 21OCT2013 release? I don’t see one listed here.

        Or can I simply use the 26SEPT2013 image, and overwrite the files using the current SDCARD ROM files?

      • talha javed says:

        when I try to boot it says /bootdata/BCB missing.Please help

        • iamafanof says:

          From what? I am assuming you booted from SDCard.
          Did you format your boodata partition or something? Are there any other partition(s) you had formatted?
          In this case, you are in a little trouble if it’s just bootdata. You need to restore the bootdata partition/files.
          Can you boot into twrp/recovery? If you can, I can make a file for you to flash to restore bootdata files.

          • talha javed says:

            I flashed the sdcard image on my sdcard.Yes it boots to the recovery.When I try to reboot it,it says no OS installed.Also my nook is hard bricked it has no internal memory and Can u please tell me what u mean by this “Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4″ “DATA1″”…I formatted data1and then recreated it with increased size.

            • iamafanof says:

              “Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4″ “DATA1″, This doesn’t apply to Nook HD+, only Nook Tablet.
              What do you mean your device has no internal memory? In order for your Nook device (Color/Tablet/HD/HD+) to boot it required that your device have “rom” and “bootdata” partitions along with other partitions whether you boot your device from internal memory or from SDCard.

              • talha javed says:

                My hd+ got bricked due to the lagfix emmc bug.Currently i am running cm 10.1 through a special sd card install that vergreen from xda made for me. It uses a emmc-less system such as mine. I was wondering if you make such an sdcard install for 10.2

                • iamafanof says:

                  What is this lag fix emmc bug? How did you get this bug? I have to know the severity of the bug. What part of the internal memory it wipes. The internal memory has like 10 partitions. If you know what partition the bug affect, you can restore that partition with backup.
                  Verygreen’s image probably has rom/bootdata partitions on the SDCard.
                  Give me a link to the his image.

                  • talha javed says:

                    Lagfix is an app that trims the partitions. Any hd+ that has the emmc bug will get its emmc damaged. I cant access my internal memory anymore not even through adb. Here is the link to verygreen’s rom

                    • iamafanof says:

                      Copy this file to your sdcard and boot into recovery and flash the file.
                      This file will basically create 3 files on your sdcard; df.txt, ls.txt, and proc.txt.
                      Copy the contents (the text log inside the file) of those three files here.
                      It will give me more info on what happen on your device.

                      major minor #blocks name

                      179 0 15267840 mmcblk0
                      179 1 128 mmcblk0p1
                      179 2 256 mmcblk0p2
                      179 3 15360 mmcblk0p3
                      179 4 16384 mmcblk0p4
                      179 5 49152 mmcblk0p5
                      179 6 49152 mmcblk0p6
                      179 7 458752 mmcblk0p7
                      179 8 688128 mmcblk0p8
                      179 9 475136 mmcblk0p9
                      179 10 13500416 mmcblk0p10
                      179 64 2048 mmcblk0boot1
                      179 32 2048 mmcblk0boot0
                      179 96 1931264 mmcblk1
                      179 97 50176 mmcblk1p1
                      179 98 512000 mmcblk1p2
                      179 99 1363968 mmcblk1p3


                      Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
                      tmpfs 398020 64 397956 0% /dev
                      tmpfs 398020 0 398020 0% /storage
                      tmpfs 398020 0 398020 0% /mnt/secure
                      tmpfs 398020 0 398020 0% /mnt/fuse
                      /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 467656 56416 411240 12% /cache
                      13288568 3428712 9859856 26% /data
                      13288568 3428712 9859856 26% /emmc
                      /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 49376 11117 38260 23% /boot

              • iamafanof says:

                “Delete the last partition on SDCard and recreate “Primary” “EXT4″ “DATA1″, This doesn’t apply to Nook HD+, only Nook Tablet.
                Forget what I said. I have misread and thought you recreated “SDCard” partition. You still need to resize the last partition on your SDCard.

  15. digixmax says:

    I am running 10/21 off SD, so far so good. Just want to note one minor bug: serial number (on About Tablet->Status is showed as “unknown”. The 10.2 builds for the NT also has this bug.

  16. JimG says:

    Did any of the 4.3.1 vhanges improve the heating issue you were experiencing with the 26 SEPT version?

    • iamafanof says:

      The small changes in 4.3.1 are for Nexus devices. I have tweaked the kernel for latest release to improve the heating issue. Have you noticed the changes?

  17. Jim says:

    I’ve been using the 26 September version since the first day it was available. In that time I’ve had no problems at all with it, unlike the unexpected restarts and rrboots I had experienced previously with other 4.3 ROMs. Yours is still one of the few that include the tablet UI. Great job. I am anxious to try your version of 4.4 when/if you eventually decide to release a ROM for that upcoming Android version. Thanks for your efforts.

  18. cc says:

    first of all, thank you very much for the effort.
    I had been using Carbon for a while but want to try this since I had good results with Nook tablet. And I definitely love the bigger digital clock character on the lower left corner. However, it seems that this build runs slightly more sluggish than the Carbon build, and the google play could not restore my apps. I wonder if others experience the same?

  19. iamafanof says:

    The 2GB SanDisk microSD card I used to create the IMG died. I do not know if any data corruptions are passed to the cloned IMG. It lasted pretty long and I am getting a couple new 2GB cards for backup. The IMG works on my 4GB SDCard. I did not want to make a 4GB cloned IMG. I do not like uploading huge file.

  20. digixmax says:

    I too noticed that the HD+ running significantly cooler with CM10 than it does with stock ROM.

    Will there be SD-based version of this ROM?

  21. Fred LaVenuta says:

    I’m using verygreen’s CM version and which are very stable but I’m looking forward to your efforts with HD+ as your work on ROMS for Nook Tablet has been excellent. Are you going to continue working with NT ROMs as well?

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