CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jellybean SDCard IMG for Nook Tablet (21APR2013)

sdc4.2.2What is this? It’s an image copy of a 2GB SDCard with bootable CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. You simply burn the image to your 2GB SDCard or bigger and you have a bootable CM10.1 with GAPPS running on your Nook Tablet. Nothing alters to your Nook Tablet internal system. There will be bugs. Use Google or Bing for faster answers if you have problems before commenting.


Does this work on Nook Color, Nook HD, or HD+? NO

  • Make sure you have more than 2GB of space available on your computer.
  • You need to install 7-Zip 9.30 to extract the file.
  • Extract cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img from
  • This is a 2GB image that can be burn (instructions are below) to a 2GB or larger microSD card.
  • After installation, DATA1 (partition 3) and SDCARD (partition 4) has XXXMB.
  • You want to expand DATA1 and SDCARD partition size if your card is larger than 2GB.
  • Download and copy onto your (BOOT) SDCard.
  • What is
  • It’s a file you install to expand the DATA1 and SDCARD partition size based on your SDCard size.
  • What is does is set DATA1 partition size; 5GB for 32GB card or bigger,
  • 3GB for 16GB card, 2GB for 8GB card, 1GB for 4GB card, and 600MB for 2GB card.
  • The space left is dedicated to the SDCARD partition.
  • Hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on device.
  • Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ by holding the home key.
  • Boot into ‘SDC Recovery’>Install zip from sdcard>Choose zip from sdcard>
  • Power off device and turn device back on.
  • Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ and select ‘SDC Boot’ to boot into CM10.1.


Burning IMG Instructions:
Make sure you choose the correct drive or else you could end up deleting your OS.

Before you burn the IMG to your SDCard, format your SDCard with SD Formatter 3.1.


  • Open terminal, run as root with “su –“ or use sudo
  • Navigate to the directory of image, cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img
  • ~$ sudo fdisk –l
  • Unmounts sdcard (<sdcard> is your SDCard drive)
  • ~$ sudo unmount /dev/<sdcard>
  • ~$ sudo dd if=cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img of=/dev/<sdcard>


  • Install Win32-image-writer and run it.
  • Navigate to the directory of image, cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img
  • Choose the letter that corresponds to your SDCard
  • Write the image to SDCard


  • Open terminal, run as root with “su” or use sudo (<sdcard> is  your SDCard drive)
  • Navigate to the directory of image, cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img
  • ~$ diskutil list
  • ~$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/<sdcard>
  • ~$ dd if=cm_acclaim_10.1_XXXXXXXXX_HD_SDC_IMG.img of=/dev/<sdcard>

Download Image: ** Flash this if you want your downloaded app data to be stored in EMMC (sdcard0).

Installing Update: (If you are happy with the current build, don’t update)

  • Connect your NT device to Computer
  • Copy “*” and “*” to Internal Storage (NookTablet)
  • Boot into Cyanoboot’s Boot Menu by holding the home key
  • Select “4) SDC Recovery
  • In CWM, select “choose zip from internal sdcard
  • Install “*
  • Repeat & install “*
  • Power off device
  • Download the (SDC) rom from GooManager

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118 Responses to CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jellybean SDCard IMG for Nook Tablet (21APR2013)

  1. Could I get,
    Link, file not found.

  2. Jeremy says:

    It went great for me except I really need a mirror of the its no longer working. Because of this , I have a bunch of space I cant use on 32 g card.
    Could you please help ?

  3. cmwpdx says:

    Thanks OP for your great idea of posting a full card image with an expander zip. Verygreen and company’s NC and NHD SD installs on XDA take a different tack of requiring the device itself to create the partition table, which requires extras steps and button sequences that many flub.

    Your’s went flawless with one caveat. I tried expanding on three 8 to 32 gb cards, following your instructions exactly, and in each case ended up with a 600 mb data partition, a 3gb SD partion, and lots of wasted SD space. It wasn’t until scrolling half way through these comments did I find your solution:

    ++format data1 in recovery and try flashing again.++

    This worked to fix it each time. I suggest you post this in the instructions themselves.

    Thanks again for your good idea.

  4. degsie says: download is INCREDIBLY slow. Taking 14 hours to d/l the image 😦

  5. Luiso says:

    hello everyone…

    First off i recently got a nook it’s a BNTV600. I’m new to all this nook stuff, I’ve been trying to flash or otherwise boot Android OS with it. I honestly don’t like the nook look, and I’m more familiar with the regular android. I’ve read a few tutorials on how to do this and yet i still haven’t been able to flash the Android into Nook. Any help or suggestions you may have will be appreciated.

  6. Matt says:

    This may not be a part of the image, but lately, on both of my Nooks, Google Play Store says there is no connection. I have tried DL of the latest APK, but to no avail. I can surf on wifi with all other apps, it is just GPS that has the issue. Nook “a” had the issue about a week ago and I had to reimage the SD to get it functioning again, while Nook “b” just began the issue. Any suggestions, or should I just reimage yet again?

    • digixmax says:

      I too just encountered this same “Google Play Store no-connection” issue.

      I tried clearing GPS data/cache, as well as wiping /cache, to no avail.

  7. Jesse says:

    I have similar problem as kenborg have. I recently tried to root my NT 8GB ver 1.4.3 with cm_acclaim_10.1_21APR2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z extracted with 7Zip and write the image to my 16GB Sandisk class 4 Sdcard and downloaded I then followed your instructions with: ◾Hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on device.
    ◾Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ by holding the home key.
    ◾Boot into ‘SDC Recovery’>Install zip from sdcard>Choose zip from sdcard>
    ◾Power off device and turn device back on.
    But when I “◾Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ and select ‘SDC Boot’
    My screen will ramdonly go black or gray then power off or booted to NT OS and couple time it booted up with the circle logo spinning for couple seconds then it shout off. I have tried the process few times and it gave the same result.
    Did I missed any step? And how did kenborg solve this problem?

  8. Susan Fox says:

    Where is the best place place for me to read and understand what is in each of the partitions on the sd card? I know that the ‘SDCARD’ partition is the virtual SDCARD for the Android system. Which one is the internal data? Thanks for your work as I was able to create the bootable sd card. I used Mini Tool Partition Wizard to increase the partition size of the SDCARD partition.

    • iamafanof says:

      Your SDCard have 4 partitions.
      Partition 1 is the boot partition, which holds the boot files.
      Partition 2 is the system partition, which holds the android system.
      Partition 3 is the data partition, which holds the cache, data files, and installed apps.
      Partition 3 is the SDCard partition, which is your external storage.
      Your internal storage is the EMMC partition on internal memory,

  9. Charles says:

    This worked very well for me using a PNY Class 10 32GB card. I used GParted to recover the unallocated space. I ‘moved’ the SDCARD partition by setting the ‘space before’ to 8000 minus the DATA partition size. Once the SDCard partition was moved, I expanded the DATA partition to 8GB. The only problem I’m having is my Nook seems to freeze momentarily from time to time. The freeze doesn’t last more than a few seconds but can be annoying.

    Can you describe what file (vold.fstab?) and how to modify to remove the boot option screen and go directly to Jelly Bean running from the SD Card?

    • iamafanof says:

      Google would’ve provide you a faster answer.
      Vold.fstab control the mounting of storage volumes.
      dev_mount [flags]

      * `label`: Label for the volume.
      * `mount_point`: Filesystem path where the volume should be mounted.
      * `partition`: Partition number (1 based), or ‘auto’ for first usable partition.
      * `sysfs_path`: One or more sysfs paths to devices that can provide this mount
      point. Separated by spaces, and each must start with `/`.
      * `flags`: Optional comma separated list of flags, must not contain `/`.
      Possible values include `nonremovable` and `encryptable`.

      The boot option screen (Cyanoboot) is the alternate bootloader to bypass the locked bootloader.
      It’s required to run modified android.
      Jellybean boot directly from SDCard on cold boot (device being off).

  10. Charles says:

    This has definitely elevated my abandoned NT to awesome again. I’m still discovering all the cool features of this build. Thank you for all your efforts!!!

    Like Khaled above, using Partition Wizard I was also able to expand my SD card storage by selecting the 4th Fat32 partition, right click and selecting Extend instead. The unallocated partition should already be selected as the source of free space. Move the slider all the way to the right to use all the unallocated space. Then click Apply in the toolbar. I now have 13+GB of usable storage.

    This is truly making my NT fun again.

  11. Rob says:

    Nook Tablet seems to have way more bootloop problems than Nook Color. Had my Nook Color rooted for about a year, never got bootloop. With my tablet, I’m getting it about every month and a half and having to start over on my root. Lame.

    • Nic says:

      Had the same problem, so I installed to the NOOK internal SDC (not external SDCard – seems some contention about the apps package – took a while to find it….(31MAY2013) look top of page on ‘Top Posts & Pages) but so far seems stable. Anyway, I’m not sorry to clear B&N’s crap and have no need to reinstall their OS.

  12. Khaled Elaish says:

    First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, it works perfectly fine, and it’s awesome

    i have done something that made me expand my 16GB to 13GB without flashing the above file,
    i opened the sd card using a memory reader on the computer directly without the nook, then i opened it using Minitool partition wizard OR Easus partition master both works fine.
    the drive was divided into 4 partitions, i selected the 4th NTFS and used the Resize option and saved.

    if anyone has any questions about the process feel free to ask :

    Thank again for all the hard work

  13. nolimills says:

    Test it is very stable. Install the RC4. You have to re-install gapp too.

  14. Rob says:

    GooManager is trying to update my CM from the 4/21 to 5/31. Is that a workable version for the SD card boot?

    • nolimills says:

      May 31 is pretty stable. You have to update it RC4 and have to re-imstall gapp. You have to get goo manager from Google play. It disappear I update to RC4.

  15. MD says:

    Thanks a lot for the hack , I just turned my NT to JB with your hack, overall it looks great except voice search is not working and I can download book on my SD card, apart from that the experience great. thanks again to all. one thing I would like to highlight are the instructions are so precise, one can not go wrong.

  16. agenthex says:

    I installed the May2 sdc over this, and flashed gapps (tried 201210 version and 201303), but google account is still missing. Do I need special gapps for this? Or am I doing something wrong?

    • iamafanof says:

      Did you install the correct gapps (SDC)?

      • Reaper says:

        There seems to be a common issue here regarding the May2 SDC – without the Google Play store app, all it is, is a nice looking screen. Your response “Did you install the correct gapps (SDC)?” is no help to anyone. Unless you can be specific as to where the correct gapps(SDC) is located for download………. All the ‘’ does is send the device into a ‘boot-loop (tried this several times thinking I might be doing something wrong) until I realised that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…………..
        I realise your efforts are generally without compensation, but so is my time. I might be overinvesting in this.

        • iamafanof says:

          If you look in the correct post you would see it, duh.

          • Reaper says:

            A man without a smiling face must not open a shop. (Chinese proverb)
            We both have better things to do, than bandy words’ at each other – but ‘duh does not address the issue.
            If I (and others) had difficulty making sense of some of your responses you should perhaps respond in more detail.
            Don’t shoot the messenger – you’ve done an excellent job, and don’t need to be patronising or arrogant.

            • anon mouse says:

              “I realise your efforts are generally without compensation, but so is my time. I might be overinvesting in this.”

              FALSE. you ARE compensated for your time with an actual good from Iamfanof… Jellybean on your NT! Iamfanof as far as I can surmise from your comment gets nothing from you. So your chinese proverb does not apply as iamfanof is not selling anything and doesn’t need to smile at your rude and ungrateful remarks.

              btw…thanks to iamfanof and all the devs that release these roms/apps/hacks for free that increase the utility of our devices.

              • Reaper says:

                I hardly think the developer needs your protection – he/ she is smart enough to understand when to remain silent.
                The point you missed, is that I (and others) could not get the system working, and the responses that were given, were confusing and inadequate. So until the system is working, I have not benefited (having spent considerable time trying), nor am I morally obliged to ‘DONATE I , so yes, he/she is running a ‘shop and is selling software, albeit in the guise of donations. This is not a charity…….
                So as you can see, that windmill you were tilting at is still standing. By the way, what was the amount of your generous donation?

                • anon mouse says:

                  i didn’t make the snide remark about the value of my time to someone I have not given any compensation to. Btw..what was your donation for the working JB to Iamfanof (or what was it planned to be if you still can’t get it working)? How do you know that this is not a charity? Has Iamafanof released his financials to you? Even charities take in donations. For all you know it could be. And I am sure many, perhaps you, have used it as such.

                  • Reaper says:

                    Tiresome….. and without conviction. You never answered my question re: your non-existent donation, ‘too much dust……..
                    Instead of venting your personal prejudices, get back to the original issue, that is, if you are able to provide the correct answer. But you probably don’t understand….. so get off the line and give the ‘shop-keeper’ a chance to earn his/her keep.

                    • anon mouse says:

                      uh huh.. duh

                    • iamafanof says:

                      Whining and hating on me does not solve anything. Nook devices are finicky with certain SDCard. SDCard are not as reliable as EMMC memory.
                      All the CM images build are on my, revert to an older one that work and stop whining. I am not going to repeat everything I said in every one of my post because it is redundant.

                    • Reaper says:

                      I have no idea which question you are answering, but it definitely was not mine. My question was about where to download the apps package for the May version which I had installed on the Nook, (not on the SDCard), which you still after all this time, have not answered. I downloaded from the link on this page which you subsequently removed… so how do you expect anyone to find it? Like the lack of a REPLY control to your response.
                      About “Whining and hating on me” you flatter yourself….. I’ve moved on – long gone…..

  17. Nic says:

    I realise you are probably busy, so responding to what are probably inane questions could be a bother, but I am not sure that what I am trying to do is possible. I’ve spent a few days trying to do the following with absolutely no success – just going around in circles. That I have not ‘bricked the device is a plus.
    Anyway this is what I am trying to do and my motivation.
    Because I am not in the USA (no American credit card), I have no access to the B&N library, so I have no use for the NOOK OS, apart from the fact that CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jellybean is far superior in all respects.
    I ran the to the Internal SDCard (in error) so the Nook OS no longer exists, which is not a problem). So, is it possible to repartition the internal SD card running Jellybean to have the maximum space available without using the external SDCard? Running from the INT BOOT (and apps) is really fast compared to booting from the SDCard.

    • iamafanof says:

      Yes you can run internal rom without SDCard.

      • Nic says:

        So, is it possible to repartition the internal SD card running Jellybean to have the maximum space available without using the external SDCard?

        The “HOW” is the question. If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

        • Nic says:

          OK, so I worked it out myself.
          I then re-set the NOOK to ‘B&N’s Factory default, which loads OK but the touchscreen no longer works, so it’s it impossible to set the NOOK up. I have read other posts and this issue is not an isolated case, but I have reached my wits end trying to figure out what needs to be done.
          Please point me to the file/application that I can run to restore the touch screen to (two point [whatever that is] or whatever it is that the NOOK Tablet requires).

          • digixmax says:

            While running CM10, there should be a Touchcreen FW Flasher app you can run to flash back to 2-touch.

            • Nic says:

              Thanks for the response, but I’m afraid I really don’t understand how to ‘FLASH anything, let alone where anything is. It’s the language and abbreviations of the experts that I am not familiar with, and can’t make sense of.
              ‘Touchcreen FW Flasher app makes no sense to me, and I can’t work it out without ‘step by step help.

              I tried to run the ‘ (which I think is what you are referring to) from the ‘SDC RECOVERY, but it won’t run.

              “Everything is easy, once you know how!”

              • Nic says:

                OK Thank you very much.
                The problem was that I could not make out the ‘check box on the form to ‘Flash the Touchscreen. Background graphic obscured it.
                Many thanks.

        • iamafanof says:

          What do you mean by internal SD card, EMMC (mmcblk0p10) or the USERDATA (mmcblk0p11) partition? Both can be repartition since they are the last two partitions on the partition table. Just delete them and recreate them (you will need to know the block size you want), but it could ruined your tablet if you do it improperly. I am not going to explain further, just ask it on XDA.

          • Nic says:

            Thank you …… worked it out (without ‘Bricking the tablet – pure luck)
            My only comment is about the ‘Google play store not included with the May version. What a mission trying to find the apk.
            Great job!!

            • Tom says:


              I ran into the same problem – my touch screen doesn’t response any more. How did you fix yours? Do you mind to share?


              • Nic says:

                Hi Tom
                This response from ‘digimax gave me the head-start.

                digixmax says:
                May 19, 2013 at 3:27 pm

                While running CM10, there should be a Touchcreen FW Flasher app you can run to flash back to 2-touch.

                That your touch-screen doesn’t respond could be a problem. The app is in ‘Apps/(Scroll ‘Right to “ALL”)/Touchscreen Firmware Flasher’ and run the app.


  18. Mitesh Damania says:

    Help! This is the first time I am doing this. I followed the instructions above but it’s not working. I have two MicroSD 16gb cards and they seem to be doing to same thing – that is try to boot to Cyanoboot’s Boot Menu but it gives me a blank screen and then Nook then proceeds to reboot to it’s own OS. If I start it by leaving pressed the power and N button, it goes to the factory reset menu and asks me to either exit or proceed.

    The worst part is when I put the MicroSD card back into my PC it only shows a 101mb partition and I can’t get back my original 16gb size. I tried SDFormatter with no luck.

    Maybe this might be a clue but I put the sd card into the Nook with I had it on with its original OS. I accidently did this with both sdcards.

  19. averod says:

    Thanks very much, iamafanof.

  20. averod says:

    This has worked beautifullly for me. No problem at all, just following the instructions. The only problem I have is that I can’t access the SD card for storage, I wanted to transfer some books but I can’t see it either directly or when I connect the NT to my pc via usb.

  21. TJ says:

    I absolutely love having jellybean on the three nook tablets (16mb) that my kids use. I boot from the SD card so I can always fall back to the stock nook crap if needed.

    One weird issue I’ve encountered on all three devices (two use sandisk class 4 16mb cards, the other a generic microcenter 16gb card) is that after everything seems to work fine for a week or two, for some unknown reason the device will give an error about some google service stopping. Then when you power down and turn on the device, it will get to the “cyanogen mod” graphic spinning and will sit there forever. Once that happens, the only thing I’ve been able to do is just start from scratch and format the card (start over). This has happened on all three devices so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

    Anyone else encounter this, or is it just me?

    • iamafanof says:

      Bootloop is one of the most annoying problems in android and I am sure most android user has experienced it. It is partly due to root but also the way android handle file permission. A missing file or a file with improper permission in the data or system partition can cause bootloop. With root access it make it easy for any app to mess up your system.

      If you get Google service error, you need to re-install GAPPS. You need to re-install GAPPS after each ROM installation.

    • Eli says:

      I have experienced the same problem. This is my 3rd or 4th time that i have experienced the same issue on my wifes NT. I tried to create an image of the sd card after all the setup and apps were loaded but it gives me some error so i have to start from my scratch too.

    • ugurdy says:

      I have the exact same problem. I don’t know what I should do really. In addition, my device goes to deep sleep and doesn’t wake up properly. I need to reboot every time:(.

    • VinnyFitzgerald says:

      I also ran into the “Cyanogen Mod” Splash screen bootloop. It occurred after 2 days of use.

      I also had a problem using Class 10 MicroSD cards. Neither Samsung 16 GB, Class 10 UHS nor Unirex 8 GB Class 10 (bought for their MicroSD USB “dongle” and needed it in a pinch) worked. I ended up swapping out the Samsung Class 10 with a Sandisk Class 4 from my wife’s phone. It worked. I actually spent 4-5 hours trying to get the class 10 cards working, and it took ~ !0 minutes for the Class 4 to work. It had nothing to do with the way I was setting up the cards, the ROM and everything to do with the card.

  22. Nate Smith says:


    I have a 2gb sandisk. and every time I try to write *cm_acclaim_10.1_21APR2013_HD_SDC_IMG with win32diskimager-v0.7-binary, the one above, i get a write error
    “not enough space on disk: Size:3932160 sectors Available: 3887104 sectors. Sector size: 512”
    I formatted the sd card with SD Formatter 3.1. No Hope Need Help!

    • iamafanof says:

      Your card is undersized. You need another card.
      A 2GB card hold 2048MB, but only 1920MB (2048-128) is usable.
      The IMG size is 3932160 sectors/2048 sectors per megabyte = 1920MB.
      Your card is only 1897MB.
      There are fake SanDisk cards out there.

  23. hank newell says:

    my second time using this approach. 4.2.2 is sweet and so far flawless. flashable_expand didn’t format the sdcard partition correctly so i lost all google restore downloads. set it to fat32 in partition magic, deleted and replaced google account and all is well. sure do appreciate your efforts and expertise. thanks

  24. kenborg says:

    Rebuilt the card with 0330 version and then tried to update using goomanager to 0421. No luck. Something about my tablet is messed up.

    • iamafanof says:

      I updated the Win32-image-writer link, it’s Win32 Disk Imager v0.7. Format your card and try burning the image with it.

      • kenborg says:

        Used the new Win32 but the results the same – black scree to gray to shutdown, black screen to gray to logo which freezes, mostly black screen to gray to shutdown.

  25. Phil says:

    Thank you, iamafanof. My Nook Tablet 16 GB is now running Jelly Bean.

  26. kenborg says:

    Rebuilt the 32g card but I didn’t try to change the partition size. The card booted to the point where it wanted to connect the wifi. Before I could enter anything the system shutdown. When I tried to restart the Cyanomod logo started but after a bit it froze up and the system shut down. After that I was inconsistently able to get back to the logo freeze point. Sometimes it would just go to black screen, sometimes to freezing logo and sometimes reboot to BN system. Another thing that I noticed was that when you use the initial flash setup, the DATA1 partition is a t3 not t4 which is what I have been setting it to when I resize it. It looks like the t3 may have gotten beyond the black screen but only to the logo freeze step.

    • iamafanof says:

      You mean ext3/ext4? MiniTool only see ext4 as ext3. Check your card for errors, format your card with sdformatter, burn the image and then use the

      • kenborg says:

        Checked card, formatted with sdformatter. burned image, used flashable_expand_bootable. Same results – black screen or freeze at logo. Side issue, when I looked at card with MiniTool, the DATA1 was only 600+ MB.

  27. kenborg says:

    Built a 32g card with 0421 and still get a blackscreen. System shuts down. Tried restarting a few times but no success.

  28. duckyyyyy2019 says:

    hello im having problems burning the image to my SD card i get a error 8 an error occurred when trying to write data from handle

  29. Eli says:

    I have a couple of questions. I have been using the image now for several months but for some reason after about 6 weeks it stops working and i have to wipe the card and start fresh again. It’s loaded on wife’s nook and it has minimum apps, and it used for Ebooks and email, FB and web browsing.
    I am using a 16gb card which defaults from the image to 2gb. I can extend the SDCARD partition to 13gb fine but not the DATA1. If i try the nook never completes the boot cycle and i have to start from scratch.
    Second I would like to create an image of my 16gb sdcard so the next time i can just recreate from my own with all the apps and settings preloaded. I tried to create my own image but it seems to only create an image of the BOOT sector (149mb). How does one create an image of all four sectors like the one that gets downloaded. thx

    • iamafanof says:

      0. I don’t know why it stop working for you. Android is open and it doesn’t have a team of hundreds or thousands of dedicated engineers working on an OS.

      1. To extend DATA1 partition, you first have to delete the SDCARD partition.
      Most people just delete the DATA1 partition anyway and recreate it.
      The problem here is that they improperly recreated DATA1 partition as ext3 or logical.
      It’s EXT4 and PRIMARY for DATA1 and FAT32 and PRIMARY for SDCARD partition.
      To make it easier for you, I’ve created that auto expand the SDCard for you.

      2. To make your own clone image, you use the same tool or similar command. Use Win32 Disk Imager and read your SDCard on Windows or similar app for OS X or linux. For command it’s dd if=/dev/ of=/SDCARD.img.

      • Samantha Warren says:

        When I created mine I used the April16 image.(April21 was unstable for me). I deleted Data1vand recreated using ext3 and it was buggy. I flashed April9 and LOVE it. I used Ext3 because that is what mini tool said it was.
        Do you think my problems with the more current versions could be because I used Ext3 instead of 4?

        • iamafanof says:

          I have repeated this; MiniTool confused Ext4 as Ext3.
          It will only show Ext4 as Ext3 because both partition types shared the same partition identifier, 83.

          Don’t upgrade if you like the current build. Get another cheap microSD if you like to test new build.

    • digixmax says:

      My own experience with resizing partitions of an existing image had been hit-n-miss, many times the card ended up not bootable,

      If you’re interested in building a SDcard image with custom partition sizing from scratch, you might want to take a look at the XDA thread

  30. FarmBoy says:

    I was able to get the img running with no boot problems. It looks great. I do have one question. How do I get the USB mass storage back? I changed persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb to mass_storage,adb, but it’s still using MTP. Do I need to change something else?

  31. Is anyone else having boot loop problems? I have tried loading by both methods: connecting to PC and without cords. I have left it on both ways for more than 30 minutes each. I am using a 16GB sandisk class 4 card.

  32. kenborg says:

    Sadly I have had the same experience with build as with the 0409 build. I built a new SDcard with the 0416 img. I was going to try the new flashable to change the DATA1 and SDCARD partition. Unfortunately when I tried to use the recovery menu I got a black screen. Actually it was a gray screen that the only way I got out of it was by doing the 20 second power button routine. I tried to run the update without worrying about using the recovery menu. Once again I got a true black screen. I then figured that maybe my computer was a possible problem and I repeated the effort on another computer. Results were the same.

    • iamafanof says:

      Was your NT plugged into your computer?
      Did you try to boot into sdc recovery again? If doesn’t work the first time, try it a couple time before giving up.
      I burned the image on three different size cards and they all booted fine on my NT. Have you try it on other cards?

      • kenborg says:

        No, it was not plugged into the computer or the power pack. I tried several times without success. As to another card, it was the card that has been running cyanomod up until the april updates. I have been unable to update or build a card with the April versions, that includes cyanomod and PAC. Is there anything different about the April builds that make them different from previous versions or how they are to be handled?

        • iamafanof says:

          Download Test.7z and extract it to get altboot1-3.img.
          The altboot files are recovery with different kernel for testing.
          Copy them to your sdcard and boot to Cyanoboot’s Boot Menu.
          You should see altboot1-3 on the menu.
          Can you test the three altboot files and tell me which one work?
          Just for your information, all three altboot1-3 load up recovery on my NT.

          • Jesse says:

            I have similar problem as kenborg have. I recently tried to root my NT 8GB ver 1.4.3 with cm_acclaim_10.1_21APR2013_HD_SDC_IMG.7z extracted with 7Zip and write the image to my 16GB Sandisk class 4 Sdcard and downloaded I then followed your instructions with: ◾Hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on device.
            ◾Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ by holding the home key.
            ◾Boot into ‘SDC Recovery’>Install zip from sdcard>Choose zip from sdcard>
            ◾Power off device and turn device back on.
            But when I “◾Boot into Cyanoboot’s ‘Boot Menu’ and select ‘SDC Boot’
            My screen will ramdonly go black or gray then power off or booted to NT OS and couple time it booted up with the circle logo spinning for couple seconds then it shout off. I have tried the process few times and it gave the same result.
            Did I missed any step? And how did kenborg solve this problem?

      • kenborg says:

        Altboot2 and altboot3 both worked. Altboot1 black screened.

      • kenborg says:

        Altboot1 – black screen; Altboot2 shows the BN inverted U and then goes to black screen. Just to be sure we are on the same page, I’m using a SanDisk 32g Class 4 card that is set up to run 10.1 ver 0330. I copy the extracted files to that card.

      • Willlmore says:

        Same uSD card here, kenborg.

  33. Willmore says:

    Is this much different than having an older 4.2.2 image install of yours and updating it to current gbapps and the april 9 ROM?

    (Either way, thanks!)

    • iamafanof says:

      Not really. It’s just updated. It’s for people you can’t get 09APR2013 working on their sdcard.

    • Nic Martens says:

      Firstly, thank you very much for your efforts. You make my Nook Tablet an interesting device, unlike the Kindle and suchlike. However, I don’t know why (probably I’m doing something wrong) but my 32Gb SD card is just not available to the OS (even though it boots up OK, and is partitioned somewhat strangely (Ran the ‘ immediately before running the OS) –
      BOOT 101.94Mb FAT32 Active
      – * (1) 345.15Mb Other
      – * (2) 4.89Gb Other and the last partition
      – Unformatted 24.56Gb which I formatted to FAT32 – all are ‘Primary Partitions. (Using EASUS Partition manager). I’ve tried several variations but end up with the same result. The SD card goes fudd if I change anything.
      I installed the ‘SD Root by Albert Wertz when I first acquired the device, and all three Os’s – Nook 1.4.3, ‘Albert’s SD Root and your Jellybean 4.2.2 co-exist on the unit.
      Any ideas?

      • iamafanof says:

        1. Did you flash with the sdc recovery from the image? Other recovery won’t do.
        2. You can manually format the last two partitions of your sdcard. Read “General guides for setting up single-boot SDCard:”,

        • Nic says:

          OK, I didn’t explain the issue clearly. The problem is not resizing the System, Data or SDCard partitions.
          As the SDCard needs to service both NOOK data and CM10.1, the ‘BOOT partition is what needs to be resized to ±16 GB and the rest for the SDCard partition. The NOOK ‘OS does not see the SDCard partition, only the BOOT (unless there’s a trick to it).
          Because I’m not in the USA, I have no acces to B&N to have the NOOK’s internal storage capacity reassigned, so I am stuck with only 1.00 GB internal storage for the NOOK, clearly, not enough.

          • Nic says:

            I have no idea why I was able to ‘Extend the boot partition, but perhaps my persistance paid off.
            I now have ±11 GB for the NOOK OS and 13GB for Jellybean on the SDCard. Everything seems to be working.
            I was wondering if you know a way to have the tablet’s internal memory partitioning have the 16GB of its internal memory for side-loaded user content available without B&N ‘In Store doing it? It seems such a waste.
            Many Thanks

      • Nic says:

        I was that impressed with your mod as compared to B&N, I decided I really did not need to be running three OS’s on one device, so I ran the which installed without a hitch, and works up to a point. It seems a somewhat scaled down version and I found it difficult to download & install apps as compared to the 21APR2013 install. (Google Play doesn’t want to update information leftover from the NOOK OS) My question is, is there any way to install the 21APR2013 version img on the Nook’s root directory?
        It would be nice to have only one OS to deal with.
        I think all NOOK Tablet owners should take note of Microsofts involvement in all this. I doubt there will be any updates or upgrades for the device, and WINdows 8 will not be ported to the current crop of devices, so why hang around with an OS that is at this stage archiac.

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