CM10.1 Jellybean (Android 4.2.2) for Nook Tablet (IMG/SDC Boot) (07JUL2013)

Big credit to loosethisskin from KFire group for helping me out and the CMNookTablet group.

  • Supported:
  • Mic recording
  • Audio sound
  • Touchscreen – support 2 and MT touchs firmware
  • Support multitouch up to 4 points (required firmware update)
  • MP4 video playback up to 1080p (use Handbrake 9.4)
  • Auto mounting (MTP) Nook Tablet (SDCard/EMMC) on computer
  • Reboot to recovery
  • WiFi
  • File manager with root access
  • Launcher is customizable
  • Status bar with tablet UI and hardware keys
  • Gesture navigation
  • Faster Cache read, mainly for CM10 on SDCard
  • If you are using SD bootable CM10, you need to edit vold.fstab in /system/etc.
  • Under SDCard – auto, changed ‘auto’ it to ’4′ using CM FileManager with root access & write access.
  • Where’s Developer options & Performance? Click Build number 7 times.
  • Easter egg? Click Memory or Android version several times.
  • CyanogenMod source
  • CyanogenMod on G+
  • 02/18 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.65, android 4.2.2.
  • 02/21 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.66, larger clock and battery font.
  • 02/26 – Repo synced, kernel updated, removed 1.2GHz because device can get really hot because NT doesn’t have a temp sensor and I am tired of hearing about battery life.
  • 03/08 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.68 with new lowmemorykiller, font size increased a little in statusbar and Trebuchet, you can increase icon size to 120% in Trebuchet, gesture control in Trebuchet, new SuperUser (Koush’s).
  • 03/17 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.69, scaled tablet status bar icons, revert battery profile, cwm recovery with advanced fdisk, sgdisk, gdisk, gentable, and parted.
  • 03/30 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.71, fixed boot animation, default boot orientation is landscape (Don’t ask why).
  • 04/09 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.72, NO MORE DEEP SLEEP (deep sleep does not help reduce battery drainage when device sleep but causes problems with our current kernel), improved battery drainage in sleep, the device will wake and get charged when you plugged in power cable, changed default governor to Wheatley for lower battery usage, added back 1.2GHz, removed faked battery data (you will need to do a full charge, green light, to get accurate battery stats), used Wi-Fi codes from BN, Wi-Fi is set to turn off when the device sleep, added back default dual-pane preferences, latest CWM recovery, make use of sdcard0 (emmc) as default storage for those without SDCard.
  • 04/21 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.74, changed default governor back to Interactive due to device with stock OS booting into black screen, revert back to having downloaded app data stored in sdcard1 (external_storage), you can flash if you want your downloaded app data to be stored in sdcard0 (internal_storage).
  • 05/02 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.76, changed home screen clock.
  • 05/31 – Repo synced cm10.1-RC3 (Release candidate), kernel updated to 3.0.80.
    When you turned on Wi-Fi, you will get a CM Update notification (You can turn it off manually). DO NOT UPDATE. The update is for the Official CM build for acclaim that only works INTERNALLY. It does not have all the features based on SGT7.
  • 06/29 – Repo synced cm10.1.0, kernel updated to 3.0.81.
  • 07/07 – Repo synced cm-10.1.1, updated MT, updated PVR files, CWM v6.0.3.3, use really long write timeout to deal with crappy cards.
  • Questions and Answers
  • You need to do a full wipe if you are coming from an older android version.
  • GooManager setup: Settings>Download Path: ‘/storage/sdcard0/rom/’ (That’s a zero at the end of sdcard)
  • GooManager: ROM ending in *SDC is for SDCARD boot, don’t get it mixed up with internal ROM.
  • FULL WIPE: Factory reset for internal boot and clear data1 and cache for SDCard boot.
  • DIRTY INSTALLATION: Clear cache and dalvik cache.
  • For best battery life, use Wheatley governor at 800MHz and manually turn on/off Wi-Fi overnight.
  • Use Titanium Backup to back up your apps and data.
  • APK Removed:
  • DSPManager.apk
  • VoiceDialer.apk
  • MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk
  • CMWallpapers.apk
  • Bluetooth.apk
  • Included:
  • Apollo, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Downloads, Email
  • File Manager,Gallery, Movie Studio, People, Searc, TFF
  • Settings. Sound Recorder, Superuser, Terminal Emulator
  • CWM
  • Games tested:

  • To Do List:
  • Lots of things
  • Settings stopped when backing out of System/Quick settings panel/Tiles and layout in Tablet UI mode.
  • Make a script for auto card resizing of DATA1 and SDCard partitions for SDC boot user.
  • Larger font text size is coming.


  • INTERNAL GAPPS: *Might need to go to advance > fix permission in CWM before flashing GAPPS
  • 4493696a11733e4e2a15d0026211963e *

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368 Responses to CM10.1 Jellybean (Android 4.2.2) for Nook Tablet (IMG/SDC Boot) (07JUL2013)

  1. manuel says:

    Why dont the last few downloads work?

  2. Bone Daddy says:

    Will this work on both the 8 and 16GB Nook Tablet?

  3. Satelitalk says:

    Any experience running in Nook Tablet 8gb internally or SD card ?

  4. johnnyblades says:

    been working great for a couple months. this morning its stuck in bootloop. worked fine last night. any suggestions? I have the internal install

    • johnnyblades says:

      I did try the file but its still in a bootloop

    • johnnyblades says:

      nevermind. i just wiped the sdcard1 and reformatted my microsd card and started over from scratch. working again

  5. digixmax says:

    Any chance we can get a one more 10.1 build based on 10.1.3?

    • iamafanof says:

      No CM10.1.3 builds, since I have updated my local repo to 10.2. Going backward would be a mess.
      Why would you want CM10.1.3 when you have 10.2?

  6. Prspaniard says:


    NT 16 with build date Sat Jun 29 is unable to connect to wifi unless the router is set to broadcast.
    Is there a connect to wifi even if the router is not broadcasting option?
    I have the 18Feb13 build and it connects without the need to broadcast. Was this option removed in the 29JUN13 build?

    Thanks for any help.

    • D.C. says:

      I don’t know why it became a problem but I have experienced the same issue you described. Fortunately my neighbor’s wifi network is unsecured so after connecting to it temporarily, I choose “forget” and then the NT automatically connects to my wifi network (router not broadcasting its SSID). This does not fix the problem but does make it workable for now.

      • Prspaniard says:

        Yes, when I try to connect to my neighbors wifi, then I get connected to my own non-broadcasting router automatically. Lol

      • BootJack says:

        Thanks, D.C., for your post. I thought I had tried everything to fix the WiFi not connecting to my router problem. I did not try turning on the broadcasting of my SSID. When I did this, temporarily, the latest CM update would connect to my WiFi router.

        Since I do not have a neighbor with an unsecured network, I logged into my router, turned on and set up Guest log-in access. I also turned on broadcast my Guest SSID. My Nook Tablet found the SSID and I could connect to it. I hope the problem can get fixed in a later update.

  7. Roland says:

    You work is awesome!, I have tested many of your roms (paranoidAndroid, pacman, xylon and cm7), but i love this one because is simple and smooth. btw I wonder how can I put cwm internal instead of twrp with the cyanoboot?

  8. Todd says:

    Is the source for the latest version available? I’d like to try building it myself.

  9. Proma_Boil says:

    If I wipe my Data 1 partition I can get it to boot off the SDC however then I loose everything on it again.

    I’ve had this happen anytime I try and update or do much beyond the initial install. I’m just going to run the HD/EMMC internal version now since it doesn’t seem to have this issue. It’s not my card, but somehow the file system must get confused and it just hangs at the boot screen.

    I’m using this until some 4.3 roms come out, It looks better than the stock CM although I miss trying out nightly’s, It’s worth it.

    If you can’t boot into the SD card you may have to reformat/flash the card and try again, I’ve had it happen once or twice where something just screws up.

    I actually did this after having it pretty stable on the June 29’th build since I couldn’t use my calendars. It wouldn’t sync with my account and re-flashing froze it again.

  10. JesseKnows says:


    I’ve been running with since February. Now that the software is at RC0 I decided to try to update.
    I downloaded and applied it (and the gapps).
    The first anomaly was that the device froze after wiping dalvik.

    I forced shutdown by holding the power key and then booted into the new OS. It seemed OK. I then turned off, on again, and the system seemed frozen at the Android lock screen (would not unlock or respond to any key).
    Forced shutdown again, and after turning on it hung on the rotating CWM logo. Repeated this a few times.

    I attempted to go to recovery to apply the same ROM again, and it would not! A few seconds after selecting Recovery from SD Card from the boot menu, the device turns itself off.

    I restored the SD image (which I backed up prior to all this), and tried again. This time I cleared dalvik first – device froze as before. Applied the ROM – device again would not go into Recovery from SD Card.

    Any ideas?



  11. BootJack says:

    Up to and including the 2 MAY 2013 CM update, my Nook tablet WiFi has worked well. After that update, all later version updates have made my tablet WiFi unable to connect to my router.

    With all newer versions, I have tried:

    1. Loading them over the 2 MAY 2013 update on the SD card I was using to boot CM.

    2. Copying the entire 2 MAY 2013 SD card contents to a second formatted identical SD card (both SanDisk 32 GB) and then loading the newer updates over the older update. My WiFi worked for the 2 MAY 2013 version, not for the later versions after they were loaded.

    3. I formated one of my SanDisk 32 GB SD cards each time and set it up new first for the later updates and then finally back to the 2 MAY 2013 version. Same problem, only the 2 MAY 2012 update will make my tablet WiFi function correctly.

    4. Where a newer update does not have working WiFi, I can load the 2 MAY 2013 update over the newer update making my tablet WiFi operational.

    With the newer updates, I have never found my tablet listed in my router attached devices list. This is true whether my router MAC code device list is turned on or off.

    I have waited a while thinking a newer version would correct this problem, but nothing has changed. I have not seen anyone else complain about it, so maybe there is an incompatibility between my router (Netgear WNDR 3700) and CyanogenMod.

    For the update, 31 MAY 2013, there was the message: “When you turned on Wi-Fi, you will get a CM Update notification (You can turn it off manually). DO NOT UPDATE. The update is for the Official CM build for acclaim that only works INTERNALLY. It does not have all the features based on SGT7.” I have never seen this message in all of the attempts to make my WiFi work after the 2 MAY 2013 update.

    I have always used the CM updates and GAPPS that show SDC in their file name.

    Any suggestions about fixing this problem? Thanks!

  12. Kamnom says:

    I just installed ( and i cannot install apps just with Playstore. IDK what happen, help me please.
    I fix permission.

  13. D.C. says:

    The instructions show this option:
    Flash this if you want your downloaded app data to be stored in EMMC (sdcard0).

    Does this kernel option work with the latest version?


  14. rober28 says:

    How do you update cyanogenmod on an SD CARD? I tried to install it yesterday and ended up install it on the nook tablet internal memory. I had to wipe my nook and start over.

  15. rober28 says:

    Does anyone know how to update cyanogenmod to the latest version? I tried to do it today and manage to install it on the internal memory rather then the sd card. Had to wipe my nook and start over.

  16. D.C. says:

    Thanks for your continued development. I did a clean (internal) install using the latest (July 7th) version. Everything works well except the “settings” button is missing in many apps with Tablet UI enabled.

    • D.C. says:

      Please disregard my previous post. I fixed it by ticking “Always show menu button” under System-Navigation Buttons.

  17. Marcus says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again for your work and also need some ideas 🙂 Im having trouble installing outside apps. I have your latest acclaim and gapps installed and for some reason I can not press the install button when trying to install the apps. Only the store apps work and the whole reason I even tried to root this nook was so that I could watch youtubes on my hour commute to work. Thanks again for your help!

    • Marcus says:

      eh i just reinstalled and factory reset, and did not let google install my old apps and it worked fine 🙂 so ill be a youtube watching foo!

  18. Dinan3000 says:

    I’m having issues with the ROM 29JUN2013. I can’t seem to charge my Nook tablet connected to a usb charger but it will charge just fine connected to my notebook. The Nook tablet charged through a usb charger and my notebook just fine with the CM10.1 stable build. Also, I’m using all the same wires when I’m testing if the Nook is charging. I’m using your ROM cause it has the Tablet UI and it also has overclocking(1200Mhz) feature. Do you have any ideas how to fix this or if you could upload a new ROM?

    • iamafanof says:

      I don’t know what USB charger you’re using and it might be a incompatibility thing. My NT charges from the BN adapter (adapter 5V 1.9A) and the USB port on my computer.

      • Dinan3000 says:

        I’m using an Apple USB wall plug (5V @ 1A) and the Nook Tablet charges perfectly fine at stock ROM and stable CM10.1 ROM but the 29JUN2013 ROM is not charging. I tried this with two different Nook Tablets and they both can’t charge when the 29JUN2013 ROM is installed. Got any ideas what is wrong with the 29JUN2013 ROM?

      • Dinan3000 says:

        I just installed ( and I’m still having the same issue with charging the Nook Tablet as the previous 29JUN2013 ROM. Is there any way I can get the Tablet UI and the overclocking features on the stable ROM?

        • willmore says:

          You might find it useful to try more/different chargers. I tried the 1Ah charger that came with my Nook Simple Touch and it didn’t charge the Nook Tablet at all, but the cheaper 700mAh Samsung charger worked fine.

          Someone in the know on how the Nook Tablet charging hardware works who wants to write up a little ‘what’s going on’ article would be invaluable.

        • digixmax says:

          FWIW my iphone wall charger also would not charge my NT, but my Nexus 7 charger works just fine using the NT cable or the regular micro-usb cable.

  19. Prspaniard says:

    The ROM 29JUN2013 SD does not boot. I used CMW to image the install the zip. When it did not boot off the sdcard, I created the partitions manually and booted off CWM, entered recovery and installed the zip. Again no boot off the ROM. What am I missing? I also installed the zip that should help with the no boot, as described above.

    Thanks for any assistance …

    • digixmax says:

      You might find some helpful pointers/tips on creating a SD card image at

    • iamafanof says:

      f4521b21598539ce406bab8f1774dc15 *
      ** Flash this if you want your downloaded app data to be stored in EMMC (sdcard0).
      * Flash this if your NT doesn’t boot newer kernel

      • Prspaniard says:

        Thanks. NT now boots with the 29JUN2013. Don’t know why it did not boot the first time. I have the 18FEB that has been working.

        In order to connect to wifi I must broadcast. Is there a fix? This does not happen with the 18FEB build.

  20. BWis says:

    I apologize if this is answered but I searched quite a bit. I want to run multiple users with their own data. CM10.1 is working with multiple users to a point but when the virtual primary sd is involved things get a bit messy, aside from not keeping the files private between users, for example with different Nook accounts with the current setup there are strange errors such as the e-book covers not appearing in other users’ profiles for their book collections. I considered trying the internal emmc installation but looking at its vold.fstab it appears all users share the same primary ‘sdcard’ with that setup as well? The option you posted to point programs to the actual external SD suggests this as well to me.
    The bottom portion of this, talking about multiple users and FUSE for mounted primary ‘external’ (virtual internal) storage is exactly what I’m wanting to try to do.

    Basically I actually *want* the problem this person posted about:

    If it’s possible with the SD card version, if I understand how it works, it would completely eliminate the need to delegate space to a FAT32 ‘sd’ partition allowing the data partition itself to be very large to accommodate the virtual external mounts, and similarly if installing to the EMMC it would allow for one large data partition eliminating the need to manually delegate space to data and “primary sd?”

    Is this possible to configure with Cyanogenmod? Searching around I very quickly started to realize I may be in over my head. When in my searches I came across someone commenting about Cyanogenmod not including ‘FUSE’ support by default I began to wonder if this is even possible. In the mean time I’ll try and research other implementations of Android for the Nook Tablet to find if any do indeed support per-user primary ‘virtual-external’ storage.

    I ask because I don’t want to try and research further only to find it’s not possible to do, or perhaps you know of an implementation that already does this if it’s non-trivial? In any case, thank you for putting so much work into all of this! I’ve been running various builds from this blog since shortly after I got my Nook Tablet and the added functionality has been very appreciated.

    • iamafanof says:

      Emulated SDCARD partition is not supported on NT because it has a separated FAT32 partition for external storage.

      • BWis says:

        Thanks! So it’s not worth trying to figure out how to configure it since it’s not possible anyway? I guess the next best thing is just multi-booting to different OS installations for different people.

  21. pigglety says:

    Installed and onto an 8 GB class 4 SanDisk microSDHC card in an 8 GB Nook tablet. Ran into some issues along the way. (1) When I had the microSDHC card in an SD card adapter and had the adapter in an old SanDisk Cruzer, SDFormatter kept saying it couldn’t recognize the card. So I bought a new USB 2.0 microSD reader/writer and then SDFormatter was able to recognize the card. (2) I should have sized the BOOT partition to be 300 MB (or more) instead of 200 MB; the two zip files are too large to fit on a 200 MB partition. (3) I had never put a microSD card into the Nook before and the first time I did, I didn’t push the card in far enough, which prevented the Nook from booting off the card.

    • iamafanof says:

      If you make the BOOT partition too large, your SDCard won’t boot. Store your ROM (zip) on the EMMC partition. Use install from internal storage in CWM.

  22. digixmax says:

    Reinstalled 06/29 from scratch, ran into a different problem: I can’t get Chrome’s Sync “On” selection to stick.

    • digixmax says:

      I found out that the setting is controlled by “Auto-sync app data” in “Settings > Personal > Accounts & sync”, but there is no “Accounts & sync” under “Settings > Personal”.

  23. TB says:

    I installed this internally on 8gb nook tablet. Everything seems to be running fine except I can’t install apk files. I can click them and when the screen comes up saying install and cancel at the bottom it will not let me click install. Is there something I am overlooking that could be causing this?

  24. digixmax says:

    Tried out 06/29 build on SD, it ran fine for a few days but today screen went black while starting VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect). Upon power-cycle and boot up it got stuck at bootanimation and failed to complete the boot.

  25. Sj says:

    Is there a way to increase the 1GB internal storage for a 16Gb internal boot to 12gb without having to ADB?

  26. I just redid my sdcard with 629 update of 10.1 File Manager is only giving me access to the internal SD for some reason and I can’t find the settings to adjust for superuser manually for file manager in order to access those files.

    • iamafanof says:

      Hey, for some reason the menu button is missing in the app. I guessed they removed or it’s hidden. What you can do is add a menu button to the status bar.
      For PhoneUI: System>Navigation buttons>Buttons and layout>Locked>Add menu button>Editable
      For TabletUI: System>Navigation buttons>Always show menu button

      • Willmore says:

        Wow, that is an amazing bit of arcana! Thank you.

      • Thanks got it fixed. Odd that it would be hidden but oh well. Seem to have “lost” the storage options settings MTP vs USB as well. This is on Nook Tablet 16g Also curious about going to a n internal android boot but keeping alt boot of stock nook ui. There are children’s books that are not compatible with the app is why I want to keep stock ui along with jb.

        • iamafanof says:

          The storage options is there, just press the menu button in settings>storage.

          • Duh guess it was just being a pain I should have known that the menu was still there even though it was acting like it wasn’t coming up when I first got the menu button set in the status bar. Thanks! I know about enough to get into trouble when I start fiddling trying to figure out changes if things are too technical. 😉 I’ve been running an SD boot of a CM ROM since early last year when I got the Nook and then it was CM 7 switched the card up to JB this spring when I found your images available for the Dec build. Liking 10.1 and especially some of these latest ui updates on the 629 build. So I’m not a techie but can usually manage without too many issues if I use my brain.

      • nborko says:

        Actually, for this ROM the legacy menu button is missing from all apps that need it (I assume apps built below a certain SDK version). Always showing the menu button is the only way to address this issue. I didn’t notice this issue with the previous version.

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