New Toy – Android Mini iMito MX2

  • imito mx2Initial impression?
  • Compare it to UG007, the build is better and it came with an extra micro USB port.
  • From my understanding it’s the same as iMito MX1 with different casing.
  • No artifact defect like the UG007 which is good.
  • I got the device updated to Bob’s Finless ROM 1.5 720p version. 1080p lag.
  • The device run well, but there are some random blackouts. Screen would disconnect then reconnect.
  • The device run from warm to hot in the tight casing.
  • Wi-Fi is better than with UG007 but you won’t get full bars.
  • The kernel is in desperate need of an update, it’s on 3.0.8.
  • I tested streaming 1080p MP4 and it play well.
  • Don’t bother with portrait games. The screen get cutoff.
  • It’s hard to read in some apps due to lack of font resizing.
  • For it’s purpose it’s an OK device until the manufacture decide to release the source.
  • Update,
  • The random blackout seem to be signal problem because I was using 720p kernel with 1080p setting.
  • Once I set the output to 720p, the blackout disappear.
  • I’ve tried RKRemoteControl app and it’s pretty cool.
  • You install it on iMito MX2 and other android device(s).
  • I have my phone and tablet controlling iMito MX2 on TV at the same time.
  • It’s good for turn base game with multiple people taking turn on their device.

About iamafanof
Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

4 Responses to New Toy – Android Mini iMito MX2

  1. Kidcedrix says:

    how do you “set the output to 720p”?

  2. LeoG says:

    How does it compare to MK808? Are you planning to start building ROM for those TV sticks?

    • iamafanof says:

      I don’t have MK808. I don’t have the resources to start building rom for the device. When they decide to release the sources, I’ll give it a try.

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