CM10.1 Jellybean (Android 4.2.1) for Nook Tablet (02/13)

Big credit to loosethisskin from KFire group for helping me out and the CMNookTablet group.

  • Supported:
  • Mic recording
  • Audio sound
  • Touchscreen – support 2 and 10 touchs firmware
  • Support multitouch up to 10 points (required firmware update)
  • MP4 video playback up to 1080p (use Handbrake 9.4)
  • Auto mounting (MTP) Nook Tablet (SDCard/EMMC) on computer
  • Reboot to recovery
  • WiFi
  • File manager with root access
  • Launcher is  customizable
  • Status bar with tablet UI and hardware keys
  • Gesture navigation (1/16)
  • Faster Cache read, mainly for CM10 on SDCard
  • Fixed serial number not displaying in status
  • If you are using SD bootable CM10, you need to edit vold.fstab in /system/etc.
  • Under SDCard – auto, changed ‘auto’ it to ’4′ using CM FileManager with root access & write access.
  • Where’s Developer options & Performance? Click Build number several times.
  • Easter egg? Click Memory or Android version several times.
  • 12/20 – Repo synced, kernel updated, initial release build.
  • 12/29 – Repo synced, tablet UI, hardware keys in tablet mode.
  • 12/31 – Repo synced, fixed mic/terminal, setting for dual-pane or single pane.
  • 01/09 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.57, for fun I re-added 1200MHz.
  • 01/10 – Repo synced, fixed MediaProvider crash.
  • BACKUP your apps/data, this ROM will wipe user data & cache.
  • 01/16 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.58, gesture navigation is back.
  • 01/17 – Repo synced, added GooManager/support, added wipe data1 and power off in recovery, updated SGX.
  • 01/22 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.59, fixed GooManager support,  a bunch of changes that you probably won’t notice.
  • 01/27 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.60, disabled smartreflex, single-pane windows as default, for dual-pane use Tablet UI.
  • 01/29 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.61, added ROW, SIO, VR, BFQ IO schedulers, a bunch of changes that you probably won’t notice.
  • 02/02 – Repo synced, kernel updated, enabled zram, reboot is now hard reboot (reboot to sdcard, not internal).
  • 02/06 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.62, fixed power off suspend for less battery drainage in deep sleep.
  • 02/13 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.63, reverted reboot to soft reboot, fixed the recovery boot loop mistake.
  • I am aware of a bug in recovery that causes recovery boot loop.
  • Flash this,, File>Download
  • DIRTY INSTALLATION: Clear cache and dalvik cache, it’s recommend that you wipe Data/Factory reset for (1/22)
  • APK Removed:
  • DSPManager.apk
  • VoiceDialer.apk
  • MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk
  • CMWallpapers.apk
  • Included:
  • Apollo, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Downloads, Email
  • File Manager,Gallery, Movie Studio, People, Searc, TFF
  • Settings. Sound Recorder, Superuser, Terminal Emulator
  • CWM (12/21)
  • CWM (12/29)
  • Games tested:
  • Cut the Rope HD (Start but won’t work, audio get cut off) (Fixed 01/9)
  • To Do List:
  • Lots of things
  • Settings stopped when backing out of System/Quick settings panel/Tiles and layout in Tablet UI mode.


I was holding up on releasing CM 10.1 because it’s missing features that I was used to in CM 10. It’s missing out on many system settings like gesture navigation, button mapping, and enhanced status bar settings. Microphone is not operational and there might be many more problems that I am not aware of. Other problem include messed up initial boot animation, picture get squeeze, but return to normal afterward. I was hoping to get mic fix while waiting for other features to get implemented but no progress.

So what’s new in Android 4.2.1? Not much. It brings a lot more problems than solutions from my perspective.

About iamafanof
Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

80 Responses to CM10.1 Jellybean (Android 4.2.1) for Nook Tablet (02/13)

  1. sat says:

    I can’t setup Gapps

  2. baseballguy7 says:

    Hi All, I have the 2/06 (SD Install) version of this ROM on my nook tablet. Like everything except BATTERY DRAIN on sleep. I turn off WIFI when in sleep. Any other ideas? Your settings that work? ROM version? I lose about 2%/hr at night. So at 100% sleep wake up and it’s down to about 80%. I have a nook color with CM10 (SD install) on it and it can go for days in sleep mode!

  3. ResidentOrca says:

    Thank you for the best NT ROM out there! Please reinstate the o/c kernel. If users complain about heat they can change the frequency or use another ROM.I am misiing the performance boost.

  4. bigharry56 says:

    I am using this version for some time and it works like a dream! Thanks for the good work!
    But there is still one thing that puzzles me and I could not find any answer to it: The only file type I can copy to the nook with the Windows Explorer is jpg. All other file types give an error: “The file type is not supported on this device. If it is a media file….” Also it is not possible to copy files from the nook to the PC. The “Copy..” window opens, the progress bar runs for a while but the file never makes it to the PC. For now I use my dropbox to transfer files to/from the nook. Anybody else noticed this problem? My PC is running Windows XP SP3.

  5. nborko says:

    Just wanted to let you know that your work is much appreciated. The port has been pretty smooth and rock solid for me, and it’s saved me from dropping $$$ on a newer tablet.

  6. azure says:

    waiting for a bigger changing others… 😀
    Ver 02/06 is enought … 😀

  7. azure says:

    I don’t think so, about chaging the dpi to change font size, this can make any troubles in the lock screen. 😀
    I’ve tried this before and got some error …at the lock screen 😀

  8. Kam says:

    I flashed the last update and i have problems with the 10 touchs firmware :S i dont know what happen.

  9. LeoG says:

    Is there a way to make clock font bigger in the nav bar? I think it was bigger in CM10.

    • iamafanof says:

      The font size is hard coded. Font size is bigger in phone UI than tablet UI. You can try and change the DPI to increase the font size.

      • LeoG says:

        I’m in tabletUI, but I don’t want to increase DPI because it will cause issues with play store. Every other font is fine. If it is hard coded, can you change it in the next build. Thanks

  10. azure says:

    CM10.1 Jellybean (Android 4.2.1) for Nook Tablet (02/06)

    This version has an error: Boot to CMW loop after install Gapps.
    If U upgrade Rom only, Nook’s act so well in the first boot.
    When restart to Recovery for installing Gapps, it loop to Recovery 🙂

    Maybe flashing another Recovery can fix this error 🙂

  11. Should I install OpenRecoveryScript, or should I keep the CWM that was installed with this firmware? Can they both be installed in parallel?

    I’ve never used OpenRecoveryScript, I don’t know how it works, that’s why I’m asking this.

  12. The Dude says:

    It is probably 10-touch firmware, but Epic Citadel (the new Unreal3 engine demo) in Play store doesn’t respond to any touches.

  13. Thank you, the installation was extremely easy, I’m happy with the result! I have two questions, though:

    1) Can I easily update the firmware using GooManager, whenever you release a new version? Do I need a full wipe, or a simple update should work?

    2) Gallery app does not support connecting to Picasa and grabbing my photos from there. Is there any solution or workaround?
    According to , there is a different Gallery app for each Nexus device. Can we use the gallery from Nexus 7?

    • The Dude says:

      For firmware updates, I have been using GooManager, and it works really well. Except where full wipe is recommended (1/22), I’ve been simply wiping cache/dalvik each time, and it works beautifully.

      This rom is definitely the most stable of all NT JB4.2 roms out there, and even includes OC’ing to 1.2Ghz. Thanks for all your hard work succulent/iamafanof!

  14. Raj says:

    I just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the great work you’re doing.

  15. At the top you say that “Mic recording” is supported (and I can confirm it works on the SD card img from the other post). But then at the very end of the post you say the mic was not working.

    I guess you forgot to update the post when you built a new release.

  16. LeoG says:

    I think I found a bug. This is how to replicate it. Go to Settings-> System -> Quick Settings panel -> Tiles and layout then click Back button and I get “Settings has stopped.” message.

  17. LeoG says:

    Just wondering if there is a fix for messed up initial boot animation

  18. Kizzy says:

    I received the 1-27-2013 update today and I would like to know what changed or have been added

  19. lance says:

    My Wi-Fi keeps turning off when it goes to sleep am I the only one this is happening to?

    • chiefnoah says:

      I have the same issue too! It’s not a big issue cause the wifi reconnects after about 10 seconds, but if I want to do something in a hurry, I have to wait a bit. I think this may be a battery saving feature of Jellybean 4.2. If you go into advanced wifi settings, there’s a checkbox that says Wi-Fi optimization and under it it says Minimize battery usage when wifi is on. I haven’t tried unchecking this box yet, but it could be the cause.

      • Lance Gow says:

        Thanks tried it didn’t work still same thing. Going to try WiFi lock see what happens.

      • chiefnoah says:

        The problem seems to be fixed with this latest update. I’m not sure if it was because I was playing with the settings or if the update actually fixed it, but it works!

  20. Dennis says:

    Is there a way to set the CPU frequency to default without using any additional software? I know there are programs that can do this at boot, but it still start at 1200. I wonder if setting it to a higher frequency by default may cause problems…

  21. Nom says:

    another Question, Would you believe that in the future will be enabled the bluetooth for the nook tablet?
    cuz i’m really interested on Bluetooth.. u.u

  22. gandroid says:

    I installed this on my 8gb NT, but it is hung up at spinning cyanogenmod logo. Any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

  23. Nom says:

    could be “01/17” the final release? or what’s wrong with it?
    i want to upgrade my 10.0CM to 10.1 , but im waiting for the Final Release

  24. Jason Ring says:

    I just noticed that this rom provides only 2GB EMMC for software installation. Is there any way to repartition the EMMC so that it provides 3GB for software and another 3GB for downloaded stuff?

    • LeoG says:

      There is a thread on xda forum on how to re-partition internal storage on NT or you can go to B&N store and ask them to re-partition it for you. I went to the store. You will loose all of your downloaded date if you choose to go to the store.

  25. jason ring says:

    Can I use this rom for 8GB Nook tablet?

  26. fredlave says:

    Is there a manual or post that explains the various choices in Settings? I cannot set up CM10.1 to my satisfaction the way I could with previous ROMs. It’s giving me fits.

  27. joeschmo9000 says:

    I’ve been using CM10.1 – 1/10 for a couple days now; everything seems to work as well as it with CM10 12/31 Final. The look & feel is even closer now to my Nexus 7, though I think the lower resolution can cause some widgets to straddle two home screen panels; it is easy to correct by re-sizing or re-positioning.

    I get the squished boot animation for a few seconds as described above; I haven’t noticed the deep sleep issue.

    I’m still amazed how much more useful the tablet is with these CM10 ROMs over stock.

    Anyone using Hulu Plus successfully?

  28. digixmax says:

    Do you plan to create/post * for your CM10.1 builds?

  29. Keith says:

    Just installed the 20130110 build and all is AWESOME, except YouTube is all sorts of buggy. I am thinking it’s an HD video issue. Once the vid/commercial starts it freezes, but the audio plays. You also cannot back out of the video or app once playback has started. You can however use the home button to get back to the home screen but the audio continues to play till the video is done or you shut down the device… and you need to hold power button, using the power menu will exit Android but the screen remains back lit.

    Aside from that, everything is looking as good as expected.

    • Keith says:

      Wow, just booted and it is back to CM10/4.1.2?? It’s as though my upgrade to CM10.1 never happened.

      • Keith says:

        I forgot to mention that this is not the first time I rebooted since upping to your 10.1 release. I have rebooted at least three times prior trying to figure out the YouTube stuff.

      • Keith says:

        Just powered down and booted and CM10.1 is back… apps and all. Scratching my head here. Has this behavior been seen before?

      • zcat says:

        Did you boot off the SD at some point? Maybe you have one version on an SD card and another on the eMMC?

      • kbluhm says:

        Yeah, accidentally flashed to internal memory and posted to the wrong topic. Returned to stock and imaged a 16gig class 10 SanDisk, works perfectly now except the YouTube issue still persists intermittently. But aside from that, this thing is pretty darn stable!

  30. Junk says:

    What does it mean if upon reboot it only boot to recovery?

  31. mike says:

    I am not a fan of MTP, can’t seem to get it working under Red Hat

    • mike says:

      This works! Thanks!

      Don’t like Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and want USB Mass Storage (UMS)?
      Edit /system/build.prop, change persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb to mass_storage,adb

  32. digixmax says:

    Can I still use CWM or TWRP to flash CM10.1 builds, or higher versions of Recovery are required?

  33. iamafanof says:

    01/10 build will get an sdcard image. I think it’s ready.

  34. azure says:

    how about version 20130109??? 😀
    is anything new?

    • mike says:

      01/09 – Repo synced, kernel updated to 3.0.57, for fun I re-added 1200MHz
      BACKUP your apps/data, this ROM will wipe user data & cache.

  35. azure says:

    deep sleep work so well, and can’t wake up NB when it’s in sleep states 😦

    • iamafanof says:

      I am aware. Do the same procedure for sleep of death (SOD). Hold the power button for 20seconds, release and hold the power button for a couple seconds to turn device on.

  36. LeoG says:

    So is this the thing to install after your CM10.0 reached FINAL?

  37. apex says:

    What is the cause of the squished boot anim?

    • apex says:

      actually, i expect the cause is an improper inital video mode and/or a disagreement between landscape/portrait scaling decisions vs sensors. Twice as wide as the screen, half as tall, top/left justified. I’m new to android as of 12/20, but a long time linux user.

      • iamafanof says:

        It’s some coding in the framework base. I just haven’t bother to look at the root cause of it because it’s only minor cosmetic problem and I am not much of a coder.

  38. fredlave says:

    Thanks. I’ll be patient.

  39. fredlave says:

    where is the * file link? Is it the same as the sd_hd file in the paranoidandroid section?

  40. azure says:

    Waiting for the fixing error “mic not work on 4.2” 😀

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