ParanoidAndroid 2.+ JB 4.1.2 for Nook Tablet


  • This is a test build of ParanoidAndroid 2.+ for Nook Tablet
  • The main thing you’ll notice is the ParanoidAndroid Settings.
  • I just compiled it from source for fun.
  • There might be something missing, IDK. \(‘,’)/
  • Tested from SDCard boot.
  • Things that work in CM10 should work here except with different layout.
  • Use at your own risk

Download: sd_hd is for bootable sdcard

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23 Responses to ParanoidAndroid 2.+ JB 4.1.2 for Nook Tablet

  1. Veronica says:

    How is this ROM performing internal (emmc), what bugs have people found? can someone give more info about this ROM in the Nook Tablet

  2. snooch says:

    @ iamafanof

    Again, thank you for all of your hard work!

  3. digixmax says:

    1. Create 4 partitions using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition per the instructions at boot, system, data, and sdcard. Make sure that you set the partition ID type for the boot partition to 0x0C FAT32 LBA and set its Active flag, otherwise the SDcard will not be bootable. Once this is done, the boot partition should appear as a (read/write accessible) drive under Windows. (Note that you can adjust the suggested sizes of the partitions upward to fill up the entire SDcard).
    2. Copy to the boot partition of the SD card the following files from boot.img (in folder p2), flashing_boot.img, MLO, recovery.img, u-boot.bin.
    3. Replace updater-script in folder META-INF\com\google\android of with the updater-script from in folder p2 of
    4. Replace vold.fstab in folder system/etc of with the vold.fstab from folder CM10_Jelly_Bean\1_os of (obtained
    5. Replace updater-script in folder META-INF\com\google\android of (obtained from with the updater-script in folder CM10_Jelly_Bean\p2\gapps of
    6. Copy to the boot partition of the SD card and (modified with the replacement updater-scripts files in the above steps, which cause the CM10 ROM and JellyBean Google Apps to be installed on the SDcard rather than on your NT itself).

    You should now have a bootable SD card with 7 files on it, ready for the phase of “installing RON and gapps” described at

    One final note: if your NT is like mine, you will have to plug in the powered USB cable to the NT in its power-off state — in order for the NT to boot from a SD card.

    • snooch says:

      @ iamafanof

      As I said, I am unable to download that image due to the constraints of my very old system. Anyway, apparently my understanding of the logic IS flawed. My sincerest of apologie, I did not intend to take up your valuable time with stupid questions, as I think I made clear. Due to the contstraints of my system, what I was trying in fact to avoid was this very advice, which I guess I did not make clear. I have been unable to download that image, so I can not just use it and burn it to the card like I did with CM7.


      Thank you for your extensive post with instructions. Actually, just prior to logging on I did manage to get cyanoboot to load up and install the two zips! I decided to go back and use SD It appears my error WAS, not putting vold.fstab into the ROM. I now understand that the self executing files SELF EXECUTE as part of the process! Seems silly, but again, there you have it.

      Right now I am having a problem getting CM10 running because I pressed REBOOT after installing the zips, rather than doing a hard restart. So, I am fumbling through and expect, even if I have to reformat and do this all over again, I will be succesful. (I did have to plug my NT into my computer to get things rolling, I reviewed prior threads in the interim and found that helpful tip.)

      Practice, practice practice!

      I will read your instructions just to make sure I did not miss anything that is adding to my current problem. I have to do re make the SD Card. It was very kind of you to take the time to do that and I really appreciate it!


    • Snooch says:


      Thanks again so much for your reply! It clarified a lot for me! I successfully made a Jelly Bean card using the SD BOOT.ZIP files and instructions. I tried to tackle the Paranoid Android ROM but have found my rotten old XP runnin, 2GB of RAM and 80GB of hard drive is just not up to the task. I am getting a winrar error message when I attempt to open the PA ROM zip, “archive file unexpectedly ends”. I think this is because I am downloading from mediafire using XP, AND am having to run winrar in XP compatability mode. It seems mediafire dislikes my XP and so does my version of winrar as I tried downloading previous ROM zips (like CM10 with 10 touch) with the same result! I have had it. Time to install a new laptop hard drive and the Windows 7 software my friend gave me before proceeding any further!

      Anyway, your instructions revealed that I WAS making a pretty egregious error as far as understanding which ROM and what updater script and vold.fstab folders to use so thanks for that! If I had a pot to piss in I would figure out how to donate to iamafanof and you…but living off the government cheese makes that unlikely! Your patience and understanding is really appreciated…..a rare thing to encounter in the “what’s in it for me world

    • fredlave says:

      I followed your instructions and the PA installation worked without a hitch. Thank you for taking the trouble to school us noobs.

  4. Snooch says:


    I’m not a noob but not an expert. I previously installed CM7 sd card with ease.

    Was going to install CM10 SD 12/03/12 when you posted paranoid android and that looked like fun, so…..I follow you everywhere, except with respect to “copying” the self extracting winimage files. Used Chris Hoffman’s full o bugs, current JB GAPPS, followed previously posted instructions replacing provided P2 updater script (using winrar, NOT extracting ROM or GAPPS). Set up partitions for one ROM. Copied by drag and drop all files in exact order as instructed to BOOT. Attempted install. No joy. Cyanogenmod does not load and NT boots into rooted stock. I can’t figure out where my mistake is. I am unfamiliar with self extracting image files.Do they have to be “copied” to BOOT somehow by double clicking and running program, not dragged and dropped?


    Should I have grabbed previously posted P2 vold.fstab for ROM (as no vold.fstab) provided in Paranoid Android files provided?

    • Snooch says:

      Let me rephrase… the past I have written image file to BOOT partition using winimage write function. I did try double clicking self extracting image files to see if the was a similar write image process within the self executing file, but got lost in there! If I am correct that I need to use the program inside the self executing image file to write it to disk, how does one do that?

      I tried surfing to learn more about this kind of file but most of the resources I found were about CREATING these files, not “copying” them (or is “extracting and writing” them to BOOT a better way to phrase it?).

      My instinct is I didn’t need the vold.fstab file because as I understand it, this just points the ROM to the right partition, and I can’t even cyanogenmod, so flashing boot.img is not being executed.

    • digixmax says:

      Read this blogpost for info on how to build an SD version of CM10 ROMs posted on this blog.

      • Snoo,h says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        Yes, I havr done that! Unless I am mistaken, the only thing holding me up is the self extracting files! Do you mean drag and drop when u say copy flashing boot.img to BOOT or open it and extract?

        I would install easier version of image previuosly posted but using XP witg only 2GB RAM and download just not working for me.

      • snooch says:

        Ok, so I re read the CM7/CM9/CM10 post thinking that I perhaps made an egregious error which was so stupid you immediately referred me back to the original thread, assuming I have not been doing my homework. I noticed first of all that I should be using Succulent’s CM10 ROM according to that post. Got that! Although, in my defense, subsequently posted sd offerings said they allowed for the use of full o bugs so I thought using that ROM would be OK. I don’t know why It would not be.

        However, that error still does not seem to account for the problem I am having (NT not booting up into Cyanogen Mod). This leads me to believe that flashing boot.img is not installed correctly. As I understand things, flashing boot.img is the first image file encountered during the boot process and executes cyanogen mod which is a program that works around the BN boot lock. It allows me to then boot into CWM previously installed on EMMC which I use to unzip and intstall the the ROM AND GAPPS. Then, after that is done, when I shut down and reboot, the NT looks at BOOT and sees boot.img (which I procurred from your P2 file). That file executes, the machine boots into CM10 with GAPPS installed. Please confirm that this understanding is correct. That would help me a lot. I am not any kind of developer or computer programmer (as you properly assumed). I have essentially self taught myself how to ROOT etc. by spending lots of time at XDA developers. I have pretty much taught myself the logic of how the programming works based on this reading. Granted I don’t understand more complex programming specificities like kernels, ADB and so on, but I AM trying and hope that I have not created some false assumptions about how all this works that are leading me astray here.

        I just don’t want you to think I have not done my homework and am resorting to pestering you with questions instead. I have tried and retried making this CM10 SD card at least 5 times before resorting to asking you a question. I managed to screw up my 32 GB sd card along the way, somehow converting it into RAW when trying to wipe it and repartition it. Honestly I don’t remember exactly what I did to screw that up, but I am being more careful to prevent that when repartitioning now. So, now I am using a brand new 16 GM San Disk (4) SD Card since I can not afford another 32 GB card. I have been unable to reestablish the FAT 32 format onto the 32 GB SD card as it seems to be write protected. I read as many threads and other internet posts on THAT subject as I could and tried some programs other than SD Formatter and MIni Tool Partition to fix my problem with that 32 GB card. I tried and tried again before I gave up and deciding the 32 GB card was a hopeless loss.

        As I said before, I think my problem is I am just not familiar with self extracting image files. I know how to WRITE (not copy) non self extracting image files to BOOT using winimage when in the past image files have been provided in non self extrcting form. I did that successfully for CM7. I learned how to partition an SD card for a ROM during that process. When preparing my CM10 card, I even made BOOT a bit bigger than instructed on CM7/CM9/CM10 instructions and 12/03/2012 instructions (having read threads, and expecting to need more room for both ROM AND GAPPS as someone reported that problem and I thought that was what was holding up my getting cyanogen mod running. I made BOOT 450 MB as opposed to 500 MB as you suggested in that particular thread that making the BOOT partition too big could create problems with the install.

        I think this is just unfamiliarity with how to install this type of self executing file that is the problem! I know, it seems really stupid that I can not figure out how the little app inside that file works….but there you have it.

        I figure that since not replacing vold.fstab would only lead to problems with the install and execution of the CM10 ROM as it directs what partition the boot.img is stored, that should not be interfering, as I understand it, with flashing boot.img working. Yes?

        I know you can not tell exactly what I have done during the rest of the process given my post.I assure you that I have done quite a bit of reading. Here I have tried to lay out my understanding of how this all works (sd card ROMS) in order to establish if my basic understanding of the logic of the process is flawed. Perhaps there is some really big thing about that which I am missing and you can tell based on the info provided here where my thinking has gone wrong. If all that sounds correct, and you think that the self executing files ARE my problem, as stupid as that may sound, could you offer me some insight into just how to use the little app inside the self executing file to put it onto BOOT? If I am wrong that this is necessary, and drag and dropping the self executing files onto BOOT is OK, could you tell me that? Then I can look for other mistakes that I may have made.

        Sorry to be such a pain in the ass. I am not really as dense as it may appear, at least I didn’t used to be! Sometimes I get confused (I am on chemo and do suffer from chemo brain) so my pistons aren’t always firing at 100%!

        I don’t expect you to hold my hand and walk me through, but if you could address my basic questions above that would be really appreciated!

        Thank you so much for all your hard work. Honestly I don’t know where you find the time! I have jumped into this stuff as a means to keep me ammused (and have a good tablet to use during treatment). I have found I am really enjoying it. It is the only thing I have to stimulate my mind intellectually since I can not work any more. I know you do it probably because you enjoy it so much, and the truth is, so do I! rarely pull out the cancer card to get help, but at this point, I am SO frustrated! If I had a damn computer that wasn’t running out of internl storge, OK just lost the button for one of my letters, freking piece of crp computer, hlf my problems would be gone with this!

        Thanks again.

        • iamafanof says:

          Long post.

          You don’t flash boot.img if you are making a bootable sdcard. Just copy boot.img to the P1 BOOT partition of your sdcard. I thought my instructions was pretty simple. If you don’t understand a certain part of the instructions, just ask.

          You don’t need to root to flash any rom.

          For beginner, use the CM10 IMG post, all you do is burn the CM10 image and resize P3 DATA1/P4 SDCARD partitions.

          • Snooch says:


            OK, so I now see, after reading digimax’s reply, that you provided the new ROM zip in your paranoid post, and the other ROMS (full o bugs etc) only applied to the CM7/CM9/CM10 install instructions. Suffice it to say that switching between the CM7/CM9/CM10 instructions and the paranoid android post got me confused since I did not realize the first zip provided in the paranoid android post was the new CM10 ROM which required the new vold.fstab and updater script copied from the P2 and OS1 folders from SD, prior to copying it to BOOT on the card. I now see how you have organized your posts, with each one relying on us having read not only the CM7/CM9/CM10 instructions, but reading each subsequent post, in order, to be sure that we get the correct updater script and vold.fstab files

            script. I can now see why you were aghast at my questions….

  5. Ken says:

    I was able to change to tablet mode by changing the DPI to 133, then rebooting (which did not put it in tablet mode) then setting the paranoid “Interface” settings to Tablet mode (it still says phone mode if you go back into settings, but you’ll notice that it actually is in tablet mode.)

  6. digixmax says:


    Do you have any plan to do some more builds of this ROM?


  7. donny says:

    sorry my mistake: i mean no sdcard unmount

  8. donny says:

    Tablet option: if you want the application in full screen just press power for 2 seconds: enable expanded desktop mode

    • digixmax says:

      How does one switch from phone mode to tablet mode in the first place?

      • donny says:

        can not change to tablet mode, even in phone mode just press power for 2 seconds: the header is Tablet OPTIONS, i install on sdcard & running fine. deep sleep ok, wifi ok, no sdcard mount, less only tablet mode interface.
        thx u @iamafanof

  9. digixmax says:

    I tried this ROM on SD, the installation and app restoring went very smoothly (first time ever all of the apps got successfully auto-restored from Google Backup).

    However I am not able to set the Tablet mode for the interface: after the reboot (which reboots to stock ROM, followed by a manual boot from power-off with tethered USB) the interface setting shows as default Phone mode. I am wondering perhaps this would only works if I run this ROM internally?

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