Recovery for Nook Tablet (TWRP & CWM) (08/20)

This is my compiled recovery files.

Do not flash this into internal. It will not boot.
My compiled CM10 already have a recovery, TWRP CWM.
This TWRP build supports both 10-touchs and 2-touchs firmware.

  • Instructions:
  • Copy the altboot.img to the root of your SDCard.
  • At Cyanoboot screen, hold “n” to open boot menu.
  • Select option 6) SDC ALTBOOT to load TWRP/CWM.
  • If you want load TWRP/CWM without SDCard then you need to copy altboot.img to bootdata partition.
  • You can do it with ES File Explorer with root access.
  • At Cyanoboot screen, hold “n” to open boot menu.
  • Select option 3) INT ALTBOOT to load TWRP/CWM.
  • You can rename altboot to altboot1 – 3 or recovery
  • For emmc recovery.img, you need to use Cyanoboot’s fastboot.
  • ~: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Need more help? Google/Bing is your friend
  •, flash it with recovery.
  • What’s great about this is you can have both CWM and TWRP running on your device.

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20 Responses to Recovery for Nook Tablet (TWRP & CWM) (08/20)

  1. Narga says:

    Do you still keep CWM_v6.0.1.5_emmc_5touch_recovery.img? I’m looking for it to restore the default touch firmware. If you have, plz share it for me. Thanks

    • iamafanof says:

      No. I don’t remember creating a CWM_v6.0.1.5_emmc_5touch_recovery.img. Why do you even need it anyway? Create a CM10.1 bootable card and use the firmware-flashing app to revert to stock firmware.

      • Narga says:

        After flash [ROM] SGT7+CM10+Cherry Picks,By meghd00t. New 09/12 Multitouched! my NT had a deadzone alongside top edge about 1/2 inch. I’ve tried reflash other ROM to fix it but it’s not work include stock rom.
        I wiped complete with AdamOutler Ubuntu img then reflash stock ROM, CM ROM from CM7.2 – 10.1 and I’m still get the same result.
        When I flash other rom, the deadzone in touch screen change from 4-6 squares (I include screen surface image below), so I guest it can fixes with correct touch firmware.
        Here my touch screen surface test
        On the XDA forum, I found someone has the same problem like me, can you tell me the way to reflash correct and stock touch firmware (I tried 5 touch firmwares flash app but it’s not fixable) to resolved this issue.
        I’m hopping it’s not hardware problem.

        • iamafanof says:

          Run the Touchscreen Firmware app. Enabled SuperUser to the app (The pop-up screen asking for SU permission). In the app, checked the box (it’s small) next to “I totally understand what am I doing”. If it display “Current firmware: 10-touch”, long-pressed then release the red button will flash stock firmware.

          I’ve never used the app so I can’t verify that it work.

          • Narga says:

            It’s not work, I tried it then it increase the size of deadzone on touch screen, after reflash stock firmware, it’s return back the first size.

  2. Edwin Corona says:

    Stuck on twrp recovery. Touch menu can you help me pls.

    • iamafanof says:

      I am not psychic. You need to give me more info. What TWRP version? Touch menu what? How did you get to touch menu if recovery does not boot? Help you fix what? The buttons aren’t working in TWRP? Have you try other recovery? Hold the power button until device shut off?

      • Edwin Corona says:

        Sorry it is twrp v2.1.4 it starts to boot when it gets too twrp touch menu it freezes can’t do anything but power off.once again sorry for the little info. Hope I can fix it with you help. Thank-you

  3. Edwin Corona says:

    What do If twrp recovery does not boot.I get to the touch screen menu and then nothing.if you can reply with a fix. I would be thank-full for it. THANK-YOU

  4. chiefnoah says:

    I put the altboot.img file at the root of my sdcard but it doesn’t show up. I’m using the latest version of TWRP. I also tried putting it in boot data, but cyanoboot locks up when I try to go into the boot menu

    • iamafanof says:

      Are you trying to boot TWRP or CWM from SDCard?
      Internal recovery are meant for recovery partition only.
      SDcard recovery can go to the bootdata partition and boot from Cyanoboot.
      You need to set your sdcard up like it was a bootable SDCard (fat32, primary).

      • chiefnoah says:

        I’m trying to boot TWRP. I put it on my bootable SD Card (set up for tripple boot CM 7, 9, 10.1) and it works fine. Can I fastboot flash the altboot.img file to my recovery? I’d like to completely replace CWM on my recovery partition with this build of TWRP. Perhaps you could make a flashable .zip file for this?

      • chiefnoah says:

        Ok, here’s a better explanation of what’s happening: I put the altboot.img file in my bootdata partition (I assume it’s the bootdata folder in the root of my nook). I reboot the tablet and hold the ‘n’ key to open up the menu in cyanoboot, but it doesn’t load the menu, it just shows the the words BOOT MENU with the lines above and below it and doesn’t do anything else. It still boots normally when I do nothing. If I remove the altboot.img file from the bootdata folder/partition it loads the boot menu no problem. I got it to boot from my triple boot sd card by replacing the current recovery.img with the renamed altboot.img file. Despite your warning, I did try to fastboot flash the image and it failed to boot into recovery, just like you said. Is there a version that can be flashed into the emmc?

        • iamafanof says:

          I don’t have the latest twrp I can compile it, but later. Most people wanted cwm, so I switched back to cwm. I’ve included flashable zip for latest cwm recovery. If you want the older twrp flashable, I can do that.

      • chiefnoah says:

        If you could compile the newer version that would be great! If the older version is 5-touch enabled I can use that for now. Thanks! 😀

      • chiefnoah says:

        Thanks for the support! Even on Christmas!

  5. Lam Pham says:

    Hi, i wanna create a cwm 6.xx to flash cm10 rom. But i found out that i needto use cyanoboot to update sdc recovery. My question is how i could make the cyanoboot sdcard? I heard the creating a bootable cyanoboot for omap is something specific. I use windows only, so could you please show me the way abot this? I just want to keep stock emmc recovery as it is. And my nt is 1.4.1 rooted. Thanks!

    • iamafanof says:

      Follow How to Guide: Bootable (CM7/CM9/CM10) SDCard for Nook Tablet guides. You only need to create 500mb boot partition. The contents in the is what you need to get your NT booted into cyanoboot.

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