CM7.2 Nook Tablet Build 20120630

Home Screen


  • This build incorporate fattire’s Cyanoboot
  • CIFS/NFS/TUN are built into the kernel
  • Camera, VoiceDialer, CMStats, CMupdateNotify apps are removed
  • CMWallpapers, Androidian and Cyanbread themes are removed
  • LCD density is set to 240 (160 is default, allow you to see more apps in Google Play, looks better)
  • CWM Recovery (INT Recovery) is included
  • NT has trouble with playback and capture audio at same time
  • 20120612 There is a slight bug with wifi causing random reboot/freeze
  • 20120614 Fixed reboot problem, added new wallpaper (revert omapfb.vram=0:16M back to omapfb.vram=0:5M)
  • 20120615 New kernel (added support for CCMP, 1200MHz OC), reboot to recovery now boot into recovery (removed cyanoboot from recovery.img) 
  • I’d removed the RC1 part. CM7.2 is final  as of 615 (stable) as Cyanogenmod will now focus on CM9. I will still work on fixing CM7 for NT.
  • 20120618 Display correct mac, can install apps that installed to removable storage.
  • To save battery, try Settings->CyanogenMod settings->Performance->CPU settings ->Max CPU frequency (1008 MHz), Available governors (Performance), Set on boot.
  • If Nook Tablet is not charging (green LED light), just reinsert USB cable (orange LED light)
  • 20120628 Fixed no deep sleep. Set Operating Condition Addendum for CORE OPP voltages. FileManager and RomManager apps are removed. Perfect Viewer, Button Savior, ES File Explorer, Flash Player, and CifsManager apps are included. Included u-boot and MLO from stock 1.4.3. Kernel compiled from 1.4.3 source.
  • If you want to remove those apps, use ES File Explorer (Settings>Root Explorer, Mount File System) and go to /system/app/ to delete them.
  • 20120629 Revert voltages (battery drain). Removed Flash Player (not working properly). Maybe final build unless some crippling bugs shows up.
  • 20120630 Small change to build.prop that fix forced close when using mic. You can also edit the build.prop yourself using ES File Explorer (in Root Explorer setting). Change ‘media.stagefright.enable-record=false’ to ‘media.stagefright.enable-record=true’. Removed some unneeded files.
  • There were 2 goals I wanted to achieve with CM7. I wanted USB host to work with OTG cable so you can use USB devices. Unfortunately I don’t have a powered USB hub to test with my OTG cable. Second, I wanted to test different configurations with kernel and device source. It led to many mistakes, but it was fun fixing it. I think I am done with CM7 and moving on to compiling and testing CM9 permanent.

Mediafire CM7 folder

Flashable GAPPS

Netflix apk

Mobint Software – Holo Launcher

ICS Themes,
(Install theme apk and then use Theme Chooser)

Sonny Sekhon – Ice Cream Sandwich CM7

joenathane – Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Edition

jasonevil – Ice9

About iamafanof
Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

93 Responses to CM7.2 Nook Tablet Build 20120630

  1. Iconoclasta says:

    Hey, Iamafanof, I’ve failed to make a bootable sdcard with CM7.2 and i used Team-B CM7 .img
    It worked, but it’s very unstable, maybe if you make the .img it will crash less 🙂 can you?

    • Geoff says:

      Do you really still want to be running GB?

      Time to move on I’d say, install his build of cm10.1 (jb 4.2.2)
      which you can download the builds from here.

      I would try and following the sdcard creation instruction closely. grab the from here.

      Create paritions, and copy the files from the sdcard to the boot partition.

      1 BOOT: FAT32, Primary, 400MB, Set Active
      2 SYSTEM: EXT4, Primary, 350MB, click Apply
      3 DATA: EXT4, Primary, 500MB for 2GB, 1000MB for 4GB, and 2000MB for 8GB and bigger SDCard*
      4 SDCARD: FAT32, Primary, Reset of card click Apply

      I think make sure you download the sdc (Sdcard) or HD (internal) image depending on where you want to install. the link above is for the internal.

      put you rom & gapps on the sdcard and boot from it to install.

      Give it another go, Ian’s instructions work for me, and the JB build run’s really well.

  2. JLouis says:

    OTG doesn’t appear to work. Bummer. I tried it with my OTG cable that works fine with my SGSII. Also tried putting a powered USB hub in between and still nogo. Anyone succeed with OTG on the Nook Tablet?

  3. I forgot to ask. Is there a topic about your work on this at xda-developers? I would like to follow. Thank you!

  4. I would like to Thank You for this. I can say that is the best experience yet with my nook tablet.

  5. Ed H says:

    I’ve been trying to make this work as a bootable SD card. I haven’t had any luck, and am posting my notes in the hope that I did something obvious wrong, and someone can point it out for me. This is with a 4G sandisk card, and a 16G Nook, which is currently running a rooted stock rom with a clockworkmod recovery.

    0. format SD card as described on

    but only have the three partitions:

    primary fat32 1000M, set to boot and lba.
    primary 400M system1 ext4
    primary 1000M data1 ext4

    1. download:

    2. again, unzip the rom update in tmp

    $ unzip

    copy the updater-script from ed:cm-7-20120629-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim-sd-hd

    $ cp ../cm-7-20120629-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim-sd-hd/p2/updater-script META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script


    $ zip -f

    copy to card:

    cp /Volumes/sdcard/

    3. make a directory and unzip the script to it:

    $ mkdir dualboot
    $ cd dualboot
    $ unzip ../Downloads/

    This time, read the instructions more carefully and realize I am not supposed to copy *everything* to the sdcard, only cm7.img, cm9.img, flashing_boot.img, MLO, notes.txt, recovery.img, u-boot.bin. And I can skip cm9.img, because it’s not relevant.

    $ cp cm7.img /Volumes/sdcard/
    $ cp flashing_boot.img /Volumes/sdcard/
    $ cp MLO /Volumes/sdcard/
    $ cp notes.txt /Volumes/sdcard/
    $ cp recovery.img /Volumes/sdcard/
    $ cp u-boot.bin /Volumes/sdcard/

    4. Add the gapps:

    $ cp Downloads/ /Volumes/sdcard/

    5. put the correct cm7.img in there:

    $ cp cm-7-20120629-UNOFFICIAL-acclaim-sd-hd/p2/cm7.img /Volumes/sdcard/

    6. eject it, pop it out, power down the Nook, pop it in the nook, hit the
    power button, no luck, hit it for increasing lengths of time, give up
    after about 30 seconds…. Nothing but a black screen, doesn’t seem
    to power on at all.

    Try again with it plugged into a power source (my macbook’s USB port,
    and then tried again plugged into the wall)… no luck, won’t power on
    as I hit the power for increasing lengths of time.. up to 30 seconds
    or so. Black screen. Give up.

    Strange thing: for a while after the failure to power on with the card
    plugged into it, I can’t get it to power on *even with no card in it*.
    This problem goes away after a short while though.

    • iamafanof says:

      I suggest you burn Team-B SD version on to your SDCard. Keep u-boot.bin and MLO and replace all other files.
      Open your SDCard in GParted/MiniTool partition and delete all partitions except the first Fat32 partition then apply patch.
      Now try booting the SDCard from your Nook Tablet to see if it boot into Cyanoboot.
      If it work, power off, and go back to GParted/MiniTool and expand the Fat32 partition and created the other Ext4 partitions (system/data).

      • Ed H says:

        OK, this is where I’m at now… I accidentally wiped out my entire OS X partition and had to restore from backup, by means of a careless mistake in gparted while I was booted from a linux livecd. Yikes.

        I just burned a Team-B SD Card, deleted all but the first partition, left the u-boot.bin and MLO as they were and copied the rest from the dual boot zip file.

        I put it in my nook and plugged it in, and it gave my cyanoboot! Hooray!

        I powered down, and plugged it back into my computer and fired up gparted, and told it to resize the partition to 1000M, and I got an error message saying it could not resize the partition to that size. However, it seemed to have actually done so– the partition was in fact now 100M in size.

        So I put it back into the nook to see if cyanoboot would come up again, and it did not. The nook booted normally, and installed all of its B&N stuff on that partition (B&N Downloads, My Files, etc.)

        I’m just not sure what I’m missing here.

  6. Narga says:

    How to remove phone.apk, I found can remove some bloatwares like phone, dialpad, contact….

  7. KiraYamato56 says:

    is there anyway to install a newer recovery image? i tried installing one from the xda forum and i am still stuck with the same recovery version that was supplied with this rom.

    • iamafanof says:

      You mean you want TWRP installed or have it on sdcard and boot to it from Cyanoboot? I haven’t touch TWRP yet, so I don’t know the progress on it. If you want TWRP for sdcard, you need to rename it recovery.img. If you are talking about CWM version, they all do the same thing. 3.x is compiled from CM7, 5.x or 6.x is compiled from CM9.

      • KiraYamato56 says:

        Yes I was talking about cwm. The one I was referring to was the one posted by lavero burglary in the android development section. Before I flashed this rom I had cwm 5.5.x. now I have 5.0.x.

        Your saying that there is no.difference between the two?

        I also tried.the nook recovery flasher APK by indirect and still had cwm v 5.0.x

      • KiraYamato56 says:

        so how can i flash a newer version cwm for the nook tablet? no matter what i try i am still stuck with the recovery provided by this rom.

        • iamafanof says:

          You’re quite demanding. There is a reason why I included my CWM recovery. It includes all the necessary files to fix/repartition your NT by adb.

          If you insist on flashing a different recovery into your NT, I take no responsibly and will not help you fix your NT if you screw up. All you have to do is replace the recovery.img in this file and flash it.

      • KiraYamato56 says:

        i apologize for being rude in any sort of way. but now i am in a bootloop of going into cwm recovery… things are looking to be quite hopeless.. i really hope you can just point me in the right direction.

  8. George S says:

    microphone not working on this rom

  9. Chuck says:

    I recently restored my nook tablet and it updated to 1.4.3 and now I can’t use my rooted sd card. When I try to power on the nook tablet it doesn’t go straight into CM7

  10. JLouis says:

    Is deep sleep working well on the latest builds? I see that the change log reports it as fixed.

    • JLouis says:

      I just loaded up build 6/30/12 and power use seems excellent. I’m guessing that deep sleep is working just fine. Great release iamafanof!!!

  11. Myque says:

    Just to let you know, Internal or External, DPS manager FC when you TRY to use it (open the app and change anything) but microphone works, I remember reading something about disabling microphone to fix something on audio, also connecting a headset are not detected. I repeat, just to let you know, I made this my ROM and it is perfect at it is.

  12. goldwoods says:

    Hi, Can I ask you a question? Will this build can mount usb keyboard, mice? I know you dont have usb power supply to try usb flash but how about keyboard and mice?
    thanks a lot.
    Have a good day, sir!

    • iamafanof says:

      I don’t think it so, but you can try it and tell me.

    • Lonnie says:

      I got a good powered hub from Amazon and did tried this a couple months ago, and then again last week and it was a no go. The Play store has a usb diagnostic and it says the device does not provide support…

  13. billy says:

    do i have to load the cm7 zip and the md5 sum togeather for internal?

    • lonnie rolland says:

      The ‘md5 checksum’ is there to validate that you have downloaded the main ( 100 megabyte plus ) file successfully. So, after you download the big file, you run a little utility on your computer, against the download. The utility makes a checksum. You compare the numbers. If they match, you are guaranteed the ( really big ) file that you pulled down is in great shape !

  14. myque says:

    Hi can this build be installed or used to update on external sd card ir I remplace update script from METAINFO/………….. with the one in your sd card folder in your web storage?

    • iamafanof says:

      You can if you use with but I haven’t actually test it.

      • myque says:

        Thank you, i will give it a try and let you know

      • myque says:

        It worked thanks, is the dps manager fc a know issue? I think is sound related i am trying to make notifications visible too i think it is a skin issue.

  15. kuzma30 says:

    What kernel repository do you use?

  16. TomK says:

    Thanks so much for your work!

  17. TomK says:

    In the June 16th comment, iamafanof says: “Don’t go flashing old build and new build without wiping data and cache. They are completely different, new kernel and source.”

    I am using the June 18th build now. Do I have to do a total wipe to install the new June 30 build?

  18. Joe says:

    Works on my 8GB/512MB

  19. Lonnie says:

    I am using ‘Battery Monitor Widget Pro’. But i must say, “Thank you for your hard work ! “

    • lonnie rolland says:

      I am running the new 06/29/12 creation. And ‘CPU Spy’ tells me that I am at 1200 or in deep sleep. I am honestly worried about the current. Maybe my particular unit is a current hog and will not go down to sensible levels. My Sony Experia phone uses 80 mA. My other two android tablets use 350 to 450 mA. What is normal on the NT ?

      • lonnie rolland says:

        i just changed the governor from the default one, “ondemand”, to the forum recommended one, “performance”. The current went from -900 mA to about -525 mA. Was a good change.

      • lonnie rolland says:

        Had to load the ’06/30′ twice. First time it hung right away with the twin little androids. I was plenty scared there for a half hour. Maybe I have made discovery about governors. Right now ‘CPU Spy’ shows me four states. And there is a new ‘display’ glitch ( for me ) where there is a ‘left pointing arrow’ on the long right edge, about a quarter of the way down. And I’ve ordered a Nexus 7. It looks like the bargain of the decade…
        Hour later, the ‘CPU Spy’ shows me the 1200 is dominate ( always ‘on’ ) and growing and the other states are disappearing from the specs. Ugg.

      • lonnie says:

        The governor does not work. It always sticks at the high value.

  20. George Sp. says:

    Deep sleep no working on me on any gov. CPU work at 1GHz for most of time.screen off work on 300MHz. This happent at latest version 18-6.

    • Dave says:

      I can confirm large battery draw when it should be sleeping. I’ve noted a minimum 3-4% per hour drain during “sleep”, even when force stopping all apps to troubleshoot.

    • iamafanof says:

      What app do you use to check this? I want to verify that I fix this before I upload the next build.

  21. Geoff says:

    Ian, could you confirm the image is for the nook tablet (blaze) and not the nook colour (acclaim) thanks. just wanted to double check before flashing. cheers

    • iamafanof says:

      Nook Color is “encore” and Nook Tablet is “acclaim”. Easiest way to check is look at the back of the device. Model BNTV250/BNTV250A is Nook Tablet.

  22. John says:

    I just wanted to thank-you for your hard work on this rom. It works great and has been the best and most stable I’ve used so far.

  23. jdebay says:

    I would like to say THANKS a million for making this version. Works well for me.

  24. Lonnie says:

    I wish to give you feedback on the battery. It is my experience that the new cm7 is easy to drain its power resources and semi difficult to fill it back up again. The f/w of April was sharply better in this respect. Are you looking to improve “how / when” it charges ? Can you use the April kernel power management ? I believe you said you went to a new kernel build. Are we now, more closely like the Kindle ? What was the gain for the pain ( from your notes ) ?

    • iamafanof says:

      The April one doesn’t have OC. If you like that one, you can revert to it. The new one is, by default set to 1200MHz. There are minor additions to the kernel which I can’t say.

      I am kind of busy figuring out Linaro stuffs with CM9.

      • lonnie rolland says:

        Well, first I wants to say “thank you for your work”. And then second, yes CM9 is always, always first and foremost. It must be exciting with Linaro boosts. Did I read fattire say the other day that the NT will have an easier time of it as compared to the Kindle ? ( Which he is focusing on now ). Um… If you remember six days back, i tried to go back to the April and I could not. Recovery would not load it. It was a mystery. I would like to keep the over clock and the governor ! With the data ( very good data… I think its cool tech ) from the app, BetterBatteryStats, it should point right at the bad boys.
        The two ( bloated ? ) kernel wakelocks are : soc-audio and uart_wake_lock.
        ( if you get bored… )

  25. Ron Grimm says:

    Please allow me to admit up front that I’m a true noobie, I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t know much about these things. I was directed to this webpage by someone at the xda-developers site, as I was looking for a correct WORKING LINK for the Cyanogen Mod 7 Final Image..

    (the “official” webpage – – that posts the Final Image for the dual boot SD Card for the Nook Tablet, contains a link that appears to be DEAD, or at the very least, is not working, as the download page will not open.)

    I have some questions.. is the correct Cyanogen Mod 7 Final Image found in the MediaFire Folder that you’ve posted here? Or is this a better build ?

    Is this build an EXTERNAL Dual boot Image ? As a Nooble, I’d hate to brick my Nook Tablet..I would simply like to insert the SD card to boot into the full Andriod system..then be able to remove the sd card to go back to the basic B&N Nook system.

    The Mediafire Folder contains a lot of files.. WHICH of these files is the proper Cyanogen Mod 7 Image file that can be written on an SD card ?

    Thank you for your patience. – Ron

    • iamafanof says:

      You follow “How to Guide: Dual-boot (CM7/CM9) SDCard for Nook Tablet (Updated 5-28)”. At the “Download rom(s)” part, you choose a) cm9 or c) cm7. Team B cm7 link seem to be dead.

  26. schezad says:

    Why don’t you add these on xda development forum, there’s one reserved for nook tablet!

    • iamafanof says:

      I don’t want the extra attentions. The more people using my build, the more issues I have to deal with. I don’t need flood of messages tbh.

  27. Lonnie says:

    the play store is not allowing me to use apps. i get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. and i have cleared the play store data and cache and i have tried MANY dpi also. no joy… is it the manifest ?

    • iamafanof says:

      What apps? I can’t troubleshoot without being being psychic.

      • lonnie rolland says:

        well to answer and give you a problem description with validation ( teeth ), i had to get my old tablet : coby kryos MID7024 running first because it still ( and forever will ) has gingerbread. Here is an app, BetterBatteryStats. Works on one gb, and not on the other gb. And i do not understand the next app’s problems. The app is NenaMark2. I remember two days ago it said not compatible, and this evening it says it is allowed to load, but does not load and says : “ERROR, Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD Card. The app runs on the coby. ( 23 fps ). do you need me to dump out any coby config ?

      • lonnie rolland says:

        I just updated and am going over the differences. Yes, the two apps are now loading and working. I showed it to my son and he asked if it had “zen pinball” ? I went to the ‘play store’ and found “zen pinball thd” and it is not allow ( compatible ) ? Is it the h/w acceleration ?

      • lonnie rolland says:

        The one of two months ago has ‘deep sleep’…
        duh, explains why it made the battery last forever and a day. And the newest one burns up right away and seems difficult to charge.

      • JLouis says:

        Hey Lonnie, where do I find the older 4-25 one? I can’t find it under the “Mediafire CM7 folder” shown above. I’m sure I’m missing something simple here…

      • lonnie rolland says:

        Deep Sleep is working ‘great’ on the :
        ( post above )

      • JLouis says:

        I’m loving this build. Thanks!!!

      • lonnie rolland says:

        Which ‘governor’ would you recommend and how would you get it going ( sensing / ramping up and down ) between 300 mega cycles and 1200 mega cycles ? There was a note / recommendation on the forum to use the ‘performance’ governor. What I’ve seen with the battery monitor is that it ( the mA current ) goes : about 600, 700 800, 800, 1000, 900, off . . . huh ? And ‘cpu spy’ says it spends zero time at any other frequency ( than 1200 ), ie. no governor action happening. ? ? ?

      • myque says:

        Can we update sd card whit this build?

      • Brandon says:

        Most apps are showing up as incompatible.

        Dolphin Browser, Dropbox, The Weather Channel, etc

        How can I fix?

  28. schezad says:

    tablet not charging while connected to waall cahrger running this firmware? Too many issues for me though installed this via cwm recovery (sd card) in nook tablet 16gb?

    • iamafanof says:

      Read above comments. Just reinsert the USB cable. The LED light should turn orange when charging. Go to Settings->About tablet->Status, under battery status it should say Charging..

  29. schezad says:

    Adding, internal memory mnt/media is not accessible? one way was to make a media folder, mount and symlink it via terminal commands but this is temporray and doesnt survive a restart. is there any other permanent way?

    • iamafanof says:

      Internal memory /mnt/media is accessible. There are two case scenarios.

      With sdcard in the device: Click Quick Notification button->USB connected->Turn on USB storage. This mount the /mnt/media and /sdcard on your computer (Windows, not sure about other OS)

      Without sdcard in the device: Go to Settings->Storage->Unmount SD card (under Additional storage: /mnt/media) and then click Mount SD card. Click Quick Notification button->USB connected->Turn on USB storage. This mount the /mnt/media on your computer (Windows, not sure about other OS)

  30. schezad says:

    WIFI mac address has changed to a generic one. Not device specific. Hence for those not able to connect try adding the new mac to mac filter

  31. lonnie rolland says:

    RE: “Don’t go flashing old build and new build without wiping data and cache. They are completely different, new kernel and source.” huh ? but i like to think i am a old pro at the drill of installing a rom, and i ‘always’ do those steps. i even double did those steps on my third attempt. Maybe please thy installing the old on your nook to see what i am seeing ?
    I am now building a new recovery sdcard now.

    • lonnie rolland says:

      i wanted to give you ‘feedback’ on building your recovery sdcard. Ah, hmm… this is a special one for dual ( triple ) with cynoboot ? So there is no more ‘CWM Recovery’ for me and my h/w ? I must admit I am a confused one. The build note above said “20120615 New kernel (added support for CCMP, 1200MHz OC), reboot to recovery now boot into recovery (removed cyanoboot from recovery.img)”. So I thought the old ( cwm’s ) recovery was in play and the new ‘cyano’ was not. My current recovery sdcard was made in January/February and so it is no good with RC1_615.

      When i just took a new card and copied the files to the root of it. And then i had to go into EASEUS Partition Master to make the card ‘active’… When i booted the card, it came up and said ” (sdc) loading cm7 . . .
      [ booti : bad boot image magic ( in memory ) ] ”
      … so the card was expecting a second partition ( formatted EXT4 ) with a special built image file within it ? Ya ?

      • iamafanof says:

        The new recovery default load is cm7.img. You need to hold ‘n’ for menu and select the SDC Recovery. Else you can make a copy of recovery.img and rename it to cm7.img.

        I see what you mean by the power not charging when you power off and then on. You have to reinsert the power cable for it to charge. I’ll look into it.

  32. lonnie rolland says:

    may i get your advise please. this morning i noticed the battery indicator said it was at 30 percent and was not all the way charged back up. i had plugged in the charger be before hitting the sack. unplugging / re-plugging in the charger gets me a ‘charging status but then i noticed the batt. level was still dropping . . . aarrgghh. so i thought i’d re-install the previous rc1 i got from you about two months back ( in april ).
    maybe this is my fatal step ? i rebooted into recovery ( i remember before i had 5.5 running happy ) and your new flash ( rc1_615 ) installs 5.0 well the install of rc1_april finishes way too quickly and i detect a blip of a red/orange message as it says its finishing prematurely. i tried many times and it is a broken install / flash. when i boot back up the os it is still rc1_615 and the beginning splash screen is the nook’s big “N” versus the initial splash screen you had in your rc1_615…
    my battery now says it is at 22 percent.

    • iamafanof says:

      First off, you are confusing me with all these rc1 naming and not capitalizing.

      The old RC1 build from April has a big ‘n’ splash screen for both boot and recovery. The new RC1 build 2012615 has Cyanoboot screen for boot and big ‘n’ splash screen for recovery.

      Build 2012615 does charge from power cable. Make sure the led light is orange, not green, on the charging cable.

      Don’t go flashing old build and new build without wiping data and cache. They are completely different, new kernel and source.

      I would advise you to update your recovery sdcard with the contents in this zip, Re-flash the new build, check the md5sum.

      • lonnie rolland says:

        thank you for your advice. i got this unit when they first came out and i do not have a L.E.D. ( my loss ) i did go right back to RC1_615. The way i see its charging is the little indicator on the bottom ( and then with setup/about ). So, on my h/w, and with the older firmware, it would charge whenever the cable was plugged in. And now it does not do so. If i re-boot with the power cable plugged in… it comes back up ‘not’ indicating that it is charging. If i power off with the charger plugged in, i do not think it does any charging. Yes ! ! ! it will say that it is charging if i plug and un-plug when it is on. Well i think/hope it is filling the battery, but it says it is at 21 percent and i cannot see it going up, yet.

  33. lonnie rolland says:

    sir, are you ( is it possible ? ) going to link in / add in the ‘linero improvements’ that fattire talks about here :
    thx, lonnie ( old_fart )

    • iamafanof says:

      I might give it a try, but no there is guarantee it will work since there might be bugs or problems on my end.

      • lonnie rolland says:

        thx, yes please ! you are the master craftman… the icons are bigger ! hmm… and you left in bluetooth too. does that mean the internal plumbing is there and so if a BT was plugged in to the ( powered ) usb port… it would talk ? i had to lookup ccmp, so its a extension to security of the wifi connection ?
        if i sent you may haipad m7++ ( you’d get to borrow it and not keep it ! ) . . . would you then go to this forum and fix the kernel and cm9 ?
        hmm ?

        • iamafanof says:

          a. The bluetooth settings is there by default. I can’t remove it even if the board doesn’t support it.
          b. I can’t fix your haipad, sorry.

  34. Mike says:

    why did you change density?
    diff with CM7.2 alpha final?
    is wifi still freezing after sleep?

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