CM9.0 RC0 3.x Kernel Nook Tablet Build 20120616 (Highly Experimental)


  • 6-2 New update includes HW video decoding. You can play MP4 natively now.
  • Still can’t dim backlight
  • There are some random crashes. Hold the power button for 10 seconds to shut device down.
  • Sound and mic work, but using mic might causes crash.
  • Might have some random SOD (sleep of death)
  • Will post more notes
  • 20120616 New build with Linaro patches (Improvement in CPU performance)

CM9 with kernel 3.0.x is highly experimental at this stage. The LCD brightness is broken, meaning no dimming of light so your LCD will take a large chunk out of your battery life. Deep sleep isn’t working yet, meaning the Nook Tablet is always on even if the screen turns off. If you leave your Nook Tablet screen off overnight and wake up, your Nook Tablet might be out of battery. I haven’t use this build much because the LCD brightness is set to somewhere medium, which is still very bright and it’s a turn off for me. When you open your browser, you will be greeted with bright white background.

Screenshots taken with bootable CM9

Device sources here, android_device_bn_acclaim
Kernel sources here, kernel3NookTablet

Rom here (highly experimental, for testing only with 16GB version),
(What is different with this build and the one on XDA? Nothing Yet. You will need to wipe cache and data so BACKUP)

Mediafire CM9 folder(New Build w/ Linaro)

Files for bootable CM9 with 3.0.x kernel sdcard,
(Follow the guide on dual-boot, you have to rename boot.img or altboot.img to cm9.img with new Cyanoboot)

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9 Responses to CM9.0 RC0 3.x Kernel Nook Tablet Build 20120616 (Highly Experimental)

  1. sharky151 says:

    Thanks for all these tutorials – I got dual booting from SD card working.

    My question is where do you get the cm9.img and updater scripts from?

    There is no cm9.img and updater for your Linaro build, and for some reason when using the cm9.img from 6-2 wifi is not connecting – it just says Obtaining IP, saved then Obtaininig IP, saved again over and over.

    I know this is all still experimental – full of bugs – but I would like to try the nightly builds of cm9 from the SD card.

    Thanks again.

    • iamafanof says:

      There is none for the Linaro build. It was more of a test build for testing.
      If you want to test CM9 3.x kernel, use with Make sure to clear cache.

  2. jdebay says:

    Thanks for yesterday’s build is working fine for me.

  3. Ray says:

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  4. Igor says:

    Hi. I had CM9 0.04 installed to EMMC and then I followed your guides to boot the nightly build from the SD card. Both are booting but I guess I did something wrong with gapps. Now every time I boot any of my ROMs (CM9 from EMMC or CM9 Nightly from SD) gapps updates their packages. Both are working though. Any suggestions?


    • Ray says:

      Did you install the GOO Manager app? It appears to me that it is the cause of the frequent request to update GAPPS. I just try to ignore them – there is no change in GAPPS, AFAIK.

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