Spaghetti Marshmallows – My Solutions


Pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti. Complete levels and go rampage!

Pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti and build your way to the next level. Spaghettis bend, snap and throw your marshmallows to the ground.

On level completion, go rampage and bring everything to the ground to a symphony of snapping spaghetti!

This great game tests a lot of your creativities and luck. It will frustrate you early on, but once you get wiser, everything just goes your way. You will learn to deal with gravity, weight, wind, balance, frogs, and bubbles. For most levels, there are many ways to solve them. Some levels required you to build your structure fast due to the wind and gravity. Some levels will irritate you with frogs and balance, but luckily, you can move the frogs and avoid them with some critical thinking. Some levels will be solved by luck. Later levels introduce you to bubbles and you need to float your structure. With so many ways to test your creativities, it makes for a fun game.

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Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

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