Updated Drawing of Jennifer Beals

Updated Drawing of Jennifer Beals

Drawing of Jennifer Beals

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Somewhere in reality. I like free gadget. I need new nibs.

5 Responses to Updated Drawing of Jennifer Beals

  1. iamafanof says:

    You can comment over @ DeviantArt. WP has auto remove spam comment.

  2. iamafanof says:

    I started this blog around last Christmas. I had a tutorial and ran out of thing to blog about. I resume blogging in May after thinking I’ll just post drawings after seeing some great portrait drawings in DeviantArt. My first few drawings weren’t that good. I refined my drawings later on. I plan to get better, but I am still learning Photoshop.

    WordPress have many of themes. I just chose this one because it’s dark and nice.

    If you like portrait drawing, checkout DrPencil.com. Rick is ridiculously good at portrait drawing.

  3. selma sezton says:

    I think your drawing is amazing.

  4. iamafanof says:

    Drawing hair from a blurry and pixelated picture was hard for a novice like me. I did a satisfactory job on the hair, but it’s still off to me. I haven’t done anything fancy in Photoshop. My newer works are done with 3px pencil leadholder brush.

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